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blueberries, sometimes used by people gambling to get an edge

Everyone is looking for an edge, and that includes what you put into your body.

Every day we face lots of traditions, personal preferences and even superstitions. There are plenty of those that concern our diet — for example, eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day. The link between luck, our well-being and food is so strong that many devote a lot of time and research to the topic.

And when it comes to gambling, players are ready to do whatever it takes to improve their performance and to increase their chances of winning. Are there products that may give players an edge at one of the gambling sites chosen at Casino HEX or other platforms? Is it possible to remain focused and attentive simply by eating certain products? Continue reading and we will introduce you to the most nutritious and useful foods to eat when gambling.

Products to include to your daily meals

More and more studies have emerged on the impact of nutrition on daily performance and gambling. There is even a study that aims to prove the link between food addiction and gambling disorder. However, in this article, we will discuss gambling for fun and the way to improve the experience if you want to remain with a clear head and focused.

Let us start with the basic tips: You should increase the intake of unprocessed natural foods. This means that you need to focus on fruits and vegetables instead of soda, fast food and empty carbohydrates. The second piece of advice is adding vitamins to your daily meal plan. We all have particular nutritional deficiencies that directly influence the quality of our life.

So what are the top products that every gambler should have at home?


Blueberry is, for good reason, considered a super fruit. These berries are perfect for preventing loss of short-term memory and they are stuffed with vitamin C and antioxidants. The last, by the way, is seriously deficient when we are stressed. Include two cups of blueberries a day to your diet and you will remain calm and focused at the gambling table.


Some people are still afraid of eggs and cholesterol but it is proven that a daily intake of eggs helps to produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for mental health and proper brain function.


This small but powerful green fruit is everything you need for a healthy life and a productive game. This anti-inflammatory superfood has lots of lutein that improves cognitive function and helps to focus on tasks. Eating one avocado a day will help you to resist stress and will supply your body with lots of useful fats and vitamins.

Chia and flax seeds

These seeds are a perfect solution for those who want to get omega fats from plants. They are a perfect solution for those who want to improve memory. It is very easy to add chia and flax seeds to your smoothies, salads and any other dishes. One of the best ways is to bake them into bars and eat them as a healthy snack while playing in your favorite casino.

Omega fats are essential for proper brain development, better memory and focus.


Salmon is one of the omega-3 sources that you should consider adding to your diet. Fatty fish like trout, salmon and sardines are a great source of omega-3 acids that reduce inflammation and improve cognitive function. Our body doesn’t produce omega-3 fats, which is why it is so important to eat them daily.


This simple product is extremely useful for our brains. It can be included in hundreds of recipes like cereals, snacks and salads. Walnuts contain omega-3 fats and lots of antioxidants, which are extremely good for our brain and overall health.

Eat healthily, stay focused

In 2009 the University of Reading held a study where participants were asked to drink a blueberry smoothie for breakfast and then complete mental tasks. Students who had a different drink had a 15-20% lower performance compared to those who had blueberry smoothies. And there are plenty of similar examples.

Including avocados, salmon, nuts, eggs and other products to your daily nutrition plan allows you to improve your brain function, focus, attention and finally, mood. And these rules concern not only gamblers but everyone who wants to live a healthy and happy life.

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