Escape rooms are perfect for any group and any occasion, which makes them versatile enough to work for everyone. (Image via The Escape Game)

The Best Tips and Tricks to Beat an Escape Room

Embrace your inner Sherlock Holmes.

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Embrace your inner Sherlock Holmes.

Chances are you or someone you know has had the chance to try an escape game before, whether it was for a date night or a night out with a large group of friends. If you haven’t tried an escape room before, essentially you and your team are “locked” inside of a room for 60 minutes.

In order to escape and beat the game, your team will need to find clues and solve a series of puzzle games in order to complete the mission.

No matter what type of escape room you’re playing, there are a few simple tips and tricks that teams can use to increase their chances of escaping. Want to know what it takes to beat the game?

With these simple tips and tricks, you’ll look like a pro the next time you and your friends decide to break away from your weekend routine and try something new.

1. Find the Right Players

You don’t want to stack a team filled with people who think exactly alike — remember these people are your greatest resource. Instead, find a group of friends, sorority sisters or club members that think differently and can bring a variety of ideas to the table.

An escape game is not all about common sense and street smarts. Instead, different skills can help put your team at an advantage throughout the game.

2. Talk to Each Other

When you first enter the game room, it’s common for teams to go into sensory overload because of the number of clues and props. Most rooms will have a theme that will completely immerse you into the game.

Whatever the room is like, take it all in. Let your teammates know what you find by communicating effectively: “Here’s a number lock!” “I found some puzzle pieces!” “Here’s a key!”

Talking with your group and putting together a list of the information you find will help everyone minimize the chances of any miscommunication.

3. Stay Organized

When it comes to staying calm and getting out of an escape room, organization is key! Once the game clock starts, excitement kicks in, which can lead to things getting hectic and confusing fast.

Some people will want to be clue collectors, and others will want to be problem solvers. However, too many of each could cause problems, and you don’t want to waste any time getting into the flow of the game.

When the timer starts, it could surprise you to see your team’s personalities change under pressure. Your timid classmate might be the first one to step up as the team leader, while your normally organized friend is too busy exploring all of the props available in the room.

No matter what, every team needs to stay organized and figure out a process that works for them.

4. Ask for Help

Players are sometimes hesitant to ask for a clue because they don’t want to use up their their free clues too quickly. However, if you’re all standing around and doing nothing, ask for a clue — no matter how early or late you are in the game.

It’s important to not waste time. You only have 60 minutes, and it will go by faster than you think. Also, be sure to focus on the clues that your game guides give you. Clues aren’t just given out at random. Clues are strategically given to help you at that exact point in the game; maybe this clue will help you solve a puzzle that will open up a new room in the game, or maybe you need to crack this puzzle in order to find more clues.

You want to escape? Don’t neglect your clues, or it could come back to bite you in the final minutes.

Think You Can Escape?

Think you have what it takes to beat an escape room? Take these tips and plan your next night out! The Escape Game has locations in multiple cities across the country, including a newly opened location in downtown Cincinnati.

Each escape room features a thrilling adventure and mission that needs to be completed before time runs out. Your group can choose — from catching an art thief to finding gold in the Wild West!

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