5 Truths When Your Cousin Is Your Best Friend

When your best friend is also family, you have a different type of closeness with them.
August 28, 2019
8 mins read

Some people have no cousins close to their age, or they simply aren’t close with any, but for those of us who are close with that one cousin, we know how special that bond is. It’s a stronger, more devoted friendship than most of those with best friends that they aren’t related to. You and that one cousin are family, so naturally your blood ties influence how you behave together. Here are five truths about being best friends with your cousin

1. It’s not weird when they make fun of your family

If a best friend you weren’t related to dissed your mom’s cooking or commented on how embarrassing your dad can be, you’d probably get pretty defensive. Since your cousin is part of your family, when they make jokes about how weird other family members are, it’s easier to laugh and agree.

Your cousin is talking about their own aunt and uncle after all, so it’s not awkward or uncalled for that they make fun of them the same way you would. You also have the same grandparents and can therefore cringe together at how your grandma always repeats her familiar mantras or how your grandpa won’t let you touch the television even when you are an adult. The knowing looks and eye rolls between you two are endless.

You share in weathering your crazy family and become closer for it. There’s no shortage of hilarious and sometimes mortifying antics your family gets up to, but as long as you have each other to make fun of everyone with, you feel united.

2. Family vacations are a million times better with them 

There’s no asking your parents if your best friend can come along on the trip to the Jersey Shore, because odds are your cousin is already included. Family vacations are amazing when you have your best friend, who also happens to be family, spending every minute of it by your side.

There’s also no question of whether your best friend will pay for anything or your family will, as your cousin either has their parents on the trip too, or your parents don’t feel awkward about paying because it’s their niece or nephew. You two can frolic and have fun without worrying about money or paying adults back.

You don’t have to suffer through a boring or awkward family vacation because you have your best friend there. Even if your family does some activities neither of you want to do, bearing it is a lot easier when you have someone who understands by your side.

3. You have the best memories together

From jumping your grandma’s fence and running down the street like lunatics to pushing each other into the pool on vacation, you both have a ton of memories stored up over the years. As you’ve been best friends since you can remember, you’ve spent almost every milestone of life together. Best friends who aren’t related might have known each other since elementary school, but you two have pictures where you are hanging out as literal babies.

Memories between you and your cousin bestie are incredibly near and dear because you’ve grown up together. There’s the funny memories like when you both went on Chatroulette for the first time at 15 and realized what a bad idea it was. There’s the sad memories like when one of you got your heart broken for the first time and the other had to promise to take the ex out.

Every life event, you and your cousin were there for it. Your cousin called you on your first phone and drove around with you in your first car. You have enough memories to last a lifetime and many more to come that you can both look back on when you’re 80 and still best friends.

4. You never really drift apart

With other friends, you may drift apart and realize you have nothing in common anymore or just don’t click. However, it’s likely you’ve never doubted your friendship with your cousin. There’s too much history and love, and too many memories there to ever make the friendship fade.

Sure, you might fight and need some space for a while as do any two people, but you always come back to each other and might even reminisce about your little altercations as something to joke about. “Remember that time you got so mad because I friend requested your ex on Facebook?” “Yeah, I almost friend requested your crush just to get back at you.”

You know you’ll have your cousin probably for as long as you live, fingers crossed. You’ve likely discussed living close to each other and raising your families together, despite the fact you’re both single now.

5. They know pretty much everything about you

Yes, your cousin knows all about how you almost cheated on your significant other and how guilty you felt or that you only hate cauliflower because your awful roommate ate it. They’ve been entrusted with your deepest secrets over the years and are their most trustworthy keeper.

Some things you’ve told them maybe you were sure would drive them away or make them judge you, but when your cousin is your best friend, almost nothing can faze them. You know everything about them too and wouldn’t have it any other way because knowing each other so well makes your bond stronger.

Besides, when your cousin knows your most embarrassing, personal secrets and is still sticking around? You can certainly bet they’re in this friendship for the long haul.

Being close with your cousin is extremely rewarding because you can be your complete self around them. Even if you’re apart for long periods of time, like while going to colleges in different states, whenever you do meet up again it’s as if no time went by at all. They always have your back, and a friend like that needs to be treasured at all costs, especially because they’re family.


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