College is probably the first time in your life where you'll be forced to balance serious stressors, so having your priorities in order will help you function. (Image via KSOM)

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your College Experience

Balance is a lot easier said than done.

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College is probably the first time in your life where you'll be forced to balance serious stressors, so having your priorities in order will help you function. (Image via KSOM)

Balance is a lot easier said than done.

Some students spend their university years locked up in their dormitories, studying uninterruptedly for exams, drinking one coffee after another. On the other hand, others think only about when the next party will be. Surely both ways are excessive. A good college experience is a mix between both of the sides, where students manage time correctly between responsibilities and fun.

That said, let’s see today what are the five ways to make the most of your college experience.

1.  Learn to study

You are in college for this reason, right? This may seem obvious, but in reality there is nothing more apt to point out. The average student forgets the importance of correct learning and often finds themselves studying a few days before, or even the night before the exam.

During the college years, you have the opportunity to test different programs and learn from different fields. So, keep track of your deadlines, do not start the task at 3 a.m. on the day of delivery, regularly attend classes and tutorials and be proactive toward your education.

2. Get involved

Education is definitely the fundamental part, but college is not just books and exams. In addition to taking advantage of the many learning opportunities, make sure to take part to the student life outside the classroom.

These years represent one of the only occasions in which you will have the opportunity to freely dedicate yourself to your hobbies and to get in touch with people from many cultures and with different backgrounds. Meeting people and making friends is an important part of the college experience and some of these friendships can last a lifetime.

Friendships are also useful as social support, to share joys and have a shoulder to cry on. Therefore, connect to student groups that focus on activities and topics that may interest you.

3. Learn to manage stress

College can be the first part of life where you will experience what really stress means. And we are not just talking about studying, but also about being able to balance social life, work — if applicable — accommodation, monthly budgets and other responsibilities outside of the campus.

The social obligations of college can be just as challenging as the academic ones, and sometimes more important as well. (Image via KSOM)

Taking care of your health, exercising and eating healthy can definitely help you improve your overall well-being. But even allowing yourself a little time with friends can help reduce stress levels.

Travel, go to a party, go to the cinema, get together with friends in front of the playstation, go clubbing, play casino games and in a nutshell, do all the things young minds do these days. I mean, playing legal in the U.S. online has become so much easier with all the resources available, and this is just one way how you can feel the thrill of life and just have fun.

4. Go abroad

We are not talking about holidays. College can indeed be one of those rare times when you can get paid for doing it. You can apply for an international internship, attend a foreign university course, attend a language course abroad, and so on.

Besides being interesting experiences in itself, they can make your professional curriculum stronger in an increasingly competitive job market.

5. When you need help, ask for help!

If you feel overburdened, stressed out or just need advice or talking to someone, your college will probably have a lot of resources. If you do not want to talk to a friend or a family member, contact an academic counsellor. Mental health problems, in particular, are becoming increasingly present among students. The results of a research of 2017 underlined that nearly 40 percent of college students felt so depressed that it was not easy for them to go on normally with their activities.

For instance, nobody should fear to speak. Do not be ashamed to admit that you are going through a difficult time and do not be afraid to ask for help. Your physical and emotional health is crucial to moving forward so that you can enjoy your college years to the full.

We have tried to give you five tips that can be used by any student in any college. Obviously, this does not mean that you can not find further opportunities to make the most of your college experience. For many students, college represents the first time they leave their homes and their parents, which means that you will have total freedom about how to organize your day and how to spend time every day.

It can be difficult to manage things on your own, but it’s also exciting to start figuring out who you want to be as a person. College is the moment when you realize your independence, learn priceless lessons and start maturing.

In short, to make the most of your college experience, do not be afraid to push your comfort zone, try new things and meet new people.

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