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It’s never too late to start a side hustle.

If you have been asking yourself, “It’s nearly the end of 2019 and I need to start a business!” then this list is for you. Here are five business ideas that are trending or might become trendy in the coming weeks. It’s never too late to start a side hustle: Which of these ideas will you consider?

1. Back Massager

With people sitting in sedentary positions all the time, it’s not surprising to see that back pains and massage are such a big deal. Back pain queries are actually trending on Google and most of the keywords include relief, remedy or causes. In this crisis, you might choose to sell massages or sell your skills as a massager. Not everyone succeeds in minimizing the symptoms of back pain, but a good back massage can help alleviate some problems.

Pro Tip: Why not promote your back-pain business idea on Facebook? Like many businesses these days, Facebook visibility is key to a growing business. For example, Aspers Stratford, the popular casino, has its own Facebook page where it publishes the latest promotions and casino events for players. Have a look and you might get an idea of how businesses run their Facebook.

2. Beard Oil

You might find it funny, but beard oil is an actually profitable business. Of course, it targets men, but the grooming business makes approximately $6 billion on annual sales, with a part played by beard oil sales. There are many successful stories of beard companies making tens of thousands of sales. Now, toiletries are no longer restricted to women and the industry is booming. You can easily buy some nice oil in bulk and sell it through Facebook —it’s free. Check out some online shopping platforms that provide bulk orders. You might get them at a good price.

3. Dogs

Business ideas that involve people’s pets, especially the canines are widely popular … or should we say wildly popular? It’s no wonder that it is a profitable business in 2019. Feel free to explore any kind of niche when it comes to dogs. You might want to sell dog accessories online or even clean up gardens after the passage of the dogs (yes, you read that right). Just make sure you get enough people with doggies to entertain and make a business.

4. Fake Flowers

From arrangements to wedding décor, fake flowers can be used for warming houses or events — there’s no actual celebration when flowers are not welcomed. In the wedding industry, more and more ideas with fake flowers are spawning. That’s because brides are opting for artificial flowers to save costs. Since they’re artificial, you won’t need to worry about flowers perishing due to long shipping times. If you’re looking to go into the wedding market, then the best one to sell is silk flowers: They tend to have a more realistic look.

5. Ghost Writing

Do you enjoy writing? You can turn your ability to write well and quickly into a serious business if you get access to the right clients. Try going freelance on platforms like Upwork and As long as you provide consistence and quality content throughout your business, then it’s bound to grow. Since SEO and website optimization is on a rise, your business might end up in high demand.

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