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These lessons don’t just apply to playing sports, but to life in general.

Nothing excites a lot of people more than watching a college football game. The eagerness of the young athletes to perform, the fearlessness of youth, these are all the ingredients that make the football games exhilarating. The young ones marked for glory often fall by the wayside and players who are often dismissed can become the greats of the game. How does this happen? Why do a select few end up with all the glory while others become a footnote in history? The answer lies in the four D’s: Dream, Discipline, Dedication and Determination — and these four terms don’t just apply to football either.

1. Dream

Dare to dream to be a success in any field in your life. It does not matter if you are a sports person or a scientist, you should first dream about your goal. A scientist’s goal may be to invent something but for a football player, the dream is often to be the best football player they can be, and even reach the pros. Once you have a dream, make it your life’s goal to achieve it.

2. Discipline

The dream, the goal can be achieved only if you have discipline. Discipline to get up early; discipline to train and train hard; discipline to be focused on your goal; discipline to eat and bulk up; discipline to go to sleep on time. If you listen to your friends and party and fail to take care of your training needs, you will fail. Most college football players with potential to reach the next level fail because they have a coterie of hanger-ons  who misguide them, and because of a lack of discipline, they listen to them.

3. Dedication

If you are not dedicated in what you do, you will not succeed, period. Dedication is very important to reach your goal. You should be dedicated to practice; you should be dedicated to help your teammates. You should be dedicated to sit and watch games and read about the games on websites like You should be dedicated to self-analysis. Once you are committed to the goal, you will surely reach it. After a point, a football player’s life is not about skill, it is about the person’s mental state, and if you are dedicated, you will be in the right mental state and you will win games for yourself and your team.

4. Determination

Your determination to win against all odds will see you through the tough games. You can find college football players with amazing skills but they do not get to the next level because they do not have the determination. The player with ordinary skills makes it because of utmost determination. For example, there’s the story of a player who played with a bruised rib to ensure that his college football team won: He did not care about his future; he was determined to win that game, he did win the game, and he won many other games too because he identified as a person who puts the team above self. So be determined and never waver from your goal.

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