6 Types of Men You Meet Online Dating

Who knew the men of the online dating world could be so complicated.
June 29, 2017
5 mins read

When it comes to online dating, there are different types of men and women that you can meet. For this article, we will be talking about the six different types of men you can meet online dating.

1. The Guy Who Loves the Chase

Online dating brings a variety of different men to your attention. One such personality type is the guy who absolutely loves the chase. His profile will be 100% perfect, he will know exactly what he needs to say to get you interested. He loves the ego boost people connecting with him gives him and he loves to see how far he can get you to go.

Be wary though, he may be a total catfish. It is quite likely he is very fake and ingenuine and perhaps even hiding behind a fake profile. If chatting to a chase guy, proceed with caution.

2. The One Who Loves Cougars

Ever noticed that younger guys seem to be getting in contact? It can be extremely flattering and the conversation can often be very interesting but there are plenty of men out there looking for that older woman to fund their lifestyle. The things they say may not necessarily be true and it can happen to anyone.

3. The One Who Has All the Charm

He may seem like the perfect lad. He knows exactly the right things to say and when to say them. His profile makes him seem like the most perfect man ever and there seems like nothing could break through this facade. He knows what to say to draw you in but the charm will often wear off and you will find that he will soon move on to someone else.

4. Is He Genuine? Guy

When you are using a site such as naughty date, it can be difficult to know who is being genuine and who isn’t. Sometimes these men can seem too good to be true. They are flashy in every aspect of their life – they have the perfect profile picture and always seem to be sunning themselves in the latest must see destination. They seem to spend money like it is going out of fashion and never seem to be at work.

It can be difficult to distinguish the genuine guys in this situation as there are of course some men who truly do live this life of luxury but they are very rare – be wary.

5. The One Who Takes His Time

When dating online, it can be quite intimidating getting to know some men as you don’t know what their intentions are. Of course you have expectations of what men you may meet but sometimes the odd one may surprise you. Many men are only interested in the chase or only getting to know a woman for the purpose of getting them into bed and then moving onto the next one.

However there are some nice guys out there who don’t hide behind all the bravado and flashy cars and jewelry. There are some genuine guys out there who are more than happy to get to know you slowly and take their time. They want to get to know the real you, get behind any walls and facade you have put up and are genuinely interested in finding out more about you.

6. The One with the History

Finally and perhaps the most common type of man you meet online dating, the one with all the baggage. We all have a history, especially when it comes to our love lives but some people’s past are considerably more chequered than others.

Some men join online dating sites simply to give themselves an ego boost after a bad break up – they want to know that women are still attracted to them, that some women do still find them completely irresistible. They don’t necessarily care about the people they are getting to know and are quite happy to use people for the simple purpose of making themselves feel better about themselves.

Whether they are currently in the process of divorcing their ex-partner or simply hung up on an ex, proceed with caution with a man who has history. You don’t want to end up getting burned.


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