5 Companies That Should Copy Domino’s Pothole PR Stunt

It won't be long till Amazon owns the government anyway.
June 14, 2018
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No doubt you’ve heard about the latest triumph in Domino’s advertising: They have now started to fill in potholes in towns across America, marking their brand as they go. The company has even created an option for people to nominate their own hometowns for this pizza-motivated road work.

So, if you’ve ever wanted the potholes in your hometown to be patched with the Domino’s logo and the phrase “Oh yes we did,” now is the time.

This way of advertising is what living in the future feels like. If this is the new way to promote companies, then here are a few suggestions for other chains that could get some revenue moving. This advice comes completely free, so listen up, Tim Cook!

“Oh yes they did.” Domino’s has managed to combine advertising with improving city streets, making for a good promotional campaign. (Image via 6 ABC)

1. Subway

Airports are getting more and more congested (I’m looking at you, LaGuardia). So, why not have a sandwich chain like Subway update this part of the country’s infrastructure and paint giant tomatoes on all the structures?

While they’re at it, they could try out some new logos to paint on the terminal signs. Fly fresh, anyone?

2. Apple

Everyone knows Apple as the successful company that produces iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, etc. Although the company helps its users build wireless connections, Apple could have the potential to expand the way they assist people.

American water mains are old and breaking more often than ever. Apple could fix these pipes and put up signs around the neighborhood with a phrase such as “Clean Water” on a white piece of paper with an Apple logo under it.

Plus, who can you trust more with your water than a corporation that intentionally makes your phone slow down after a few years just so you’ll buy a new one?

3. Amazon

How has Amazon not gotten into fixing up some of the aging and risky bridges in the U.S.? With all the tax breaks cities are offering so that they can get the new Amazon HQ, fixing up some bridges would be a great publicity move.

Why shouldn’t people who cross bridges hear the squawking of a thousand Alexas as they pass by? It’s the sound of future American capitalism.

4. KFC

While they’re at it, why not have Kentucky Fried Chicken join in on the fun — oh wait, they’ve already done what Domino’s is doing.

Back in 2009, KFC selected five towns and allocated money to fix potholes. They deserve to be exempt from this list for the service they have already done to the American people (in those five towns, in 2009, just to be clear).

5. U.S. government

One more option: The government could always just charge corporations fair taxes and allocate that money to infrastructure improvement. That way, the infrastructure fixes could be neutral in terms of advertising.

Honestly, Jeff Bezos is worth $140 billion; the question isn’t how he should spend that money to make the world better. No, the question is how is capitalism at the stage where a man can make the median salary of his employees in less than 10 seconds?

How is it that Domino’s has the extra money to literally pave towns when it has never been their business before, but city governments are so strapped for cash they can’t do it themselves?

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