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Do students really need the digital world to help them navigate their love lives?

September is almost here, and fresher’s week, or fortnight is upon and across the country hundreds and thousands of students descends on a new world of liberty, freedom and opportunity. Thrown into a mix of diverse backgrounds, people all different shapes, sizes and sexualities you would assume an online dating site is the last thing a new relationship would require.

As students from all walks of life start to live in very fertile environments across campus tied with opportunities to join certain courses, societies, clubs, parties, raves and so on to form new relationships you do wonder what role sites like Naughtydate play when dating in college or university.

1. Numbers Game

Given the sheer number of like-minded, similar students on campus, many after only one thing it’s natural to assume that you’re going to meet someone. Going online feels a little bit like admitting failure from the start, or does it?

There are literally tens of thousands of students online using several student dating websites each offering the perfect online chat room.
It’s important to remember that chance encounters do not just happen everyone at college or university, and the use of dating sites allow students to be practical about finding a partner and building up relationships with new people.

You could argue that students can’t really claim that they are too busy to find love the traditional way, as student life is in built to its very core to interact with other people, whether it’s on a night out or purely throughout your course contact. So is there need for online dating, isn’t online dating the last resort?

2. Pool of People

Well, for some online dating is the perfect opportunity to perfect your partner. Some students don’t have the skills, abilities or confidence to meet others during this time. Others don’t necessarily want to trawl through the Students Unions late at night to see what they can find for a potential partner.

Online dating can be very practical, it can make sense to build a rapport with someone who literally ticks or swipes all of your boxes and it’s certainly a lot easier, and quicker to find that from a large, online pool of students at your fingertips. Student dating sites allow you the opportunity to connect with other students in a way you may not have thought possible.

You can meet additional people at the same College or University as you but from other courses or departments, who attend on different days to you, who travel to uni and don’t live on campus. It opens up a huge pool of potential partners, even further! And if there no spark or any relationship further then you go back to your online chat room and start again, it’s another way of expanding your horizons and reaching out to people who may never have met in the first place.

3. Online Stigma

The stigma of online dating being the last resort, throwing your hat in the ring for one last final chance of love is, in my opinion slowly diminishing. Online dating within University and College is almost the first port of call for students when arranging nights out, meeting up at clubs, parties and events. You use this opportunity to find out who and what’s going on out there, and from here you can build on your contacts and networks to develop self-esteem and opportunities of new relationships.

Putting yourself out there from the get go isn’t for everyone, especially in the new fresh faced world of university, however student online dating can bring students from all walks of life and experiences on to a level playing field, giving everyone a chance at developing a meaningful and romantic relationship online.

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