12 Great Spotify Playlists for Every Summer Mood

Consider these a soundtrack for your summer days.
June 29, 2019
7 mins read

Summer break brings great adventures and opportunities for new experiences outside of classes. Whether you are traveling with friends and family, taking on a dream internship, working through extra classes or taking a much needed break at home, everything about summer has potential. For every new experience, there is a great Spotify playlist to match. Check out these 12 playlists to boost your mood this summer, and discover new music and genres that you have been missing out on.

1. Tropical House by Filtr Sweden

For perfect beach beats and a chill vibe, turn to the subgenre of tropical house. With a cool relaxing sound that you can still dance to, tropical house is perfect to start your summer off right. Whether you are throwing a fun summer bash or chilling by the pool, this playlist will be a hit. With an evolving list of songs mixed in with classic hits, this tropical house playlist is always up to date with the latest from the genre.

2. Doo-Wop Dee Doo by Spotify

Looking for a fun and upbeat vibe? Then look no further than this oldies playlist. Filled with classic doo-wop songs and happy-go-lucky optimism, this playlist is a definite way to lift any bad mood. It is perfect for a day of nostalgia or a walk in the park, and it’ll have you dancing on a bad day.

3. Not Your Parent’s Classical by Filtr US

If you’re stuck studying this summer or need something calming for your new internship, Not Your Parent’s Classical features some of your favorite hits with a classical twist. If you’re a hard worker who needs music but finds lyrics distracting, this playlist was designed for you. With everything from covers of Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes and Avicii, to some of your favorite theme music, this playlist can spice up any boring day at work.

4. Hawaiian Dreams by Spotify

With soft background vibes and plenty of ukulele, Hawaiian Dreams is the perfect soundtrack for your summer hangout. If you’re looking to escape to somewhere new or set a sophisticated summery tone, this playlist is a great option. Although it is a little out-of-the-box for some, this playlist is perfect for themed get-togethers and backyard parties. Nothing says summer more than Hawaiian beach music.

5. Femme Fatale by Spotify

Feeling a more bad—s sound than calming summer vibes? This playlist has a mysterious mood and plenty of strong female voices. Whether you’re getting ready for a night out or throwing an amazing, yet more sultry, party, this playlist will be there to set the tone. If all the summer hits are getting you down, these songs are a great change of pace.

6. Tailgate Party by Spotify

If country music is more your style, this playlist is perfect for more than just tailgates. Whether it’s the big game or just a fun day with friends, this upbeat country playlist will make your summer memorable. Featuring both country’s biggest names and newest stars, there is a little something for everyone in this mix.

7. Souvenirs by Spotify

With a dreamy tone and simple French flavor, this playlist will inspire you to travel. While listening to the songs, start brainstorming your dreams for the summer and work to make them happen.  It’s the perfect background music to listen to while enjoying a good book and some coffee, and it can help you travel the world from your bedroom.

8. Dance Classics by Spotfiy

If you’re using your summer to relax from school, this playlist is all yours. Featuring some of the biggest dance hits over the years, these songs are perfect for partying with your friends or in front of your mirror. This is a no-fail playlist to get a good time started.

9. 70s Road Trip by Spotify

If a road trip is on the docket for the summer, this playlist is a must. With classic jams that are designed for rolled down windows and the open road, you can set the perfect mood with this playlist. With upbeat songs that will have you singing down the highway, your itinerary isn’t set until you’ve played these songs. Plus, it features classics that will keep fighting over the aux cord with your friends minimal.

10. Throwback Jams by Spotify

Looking to relax to some of your favorite songs from childhood? Want to start a party with some classics? Somehow, this playlist does a great job of both. Featuring some of the biggest hits from the early 2000s by Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain, TLC and more, you will be saying “I used to love this song!” all night long.

11. Walk Like a Bad—s by Spotify

Starting a new internship, have an interview you need to prep for or just want to strut somewhere looking strong? This playlist was invented for that. Hold your head high and boost your confidence with these energetic songs. Although bad—s crosses all genres, lots of pop-punk and rock music can be found on this killer playlist.

12. Pride Classics by Spotify

With Pride Month coming to a close, it is important to keep the spirit of Pride going throughout the summer. These classic anthems by LGBTQ artists are perfect for any summer event. Whether you’re just hanging by yourself or with your closest friends, these classics never go out of style.

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