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On ‘One In a Million,’ Mark Tuan and Sanjoy Link Up for a Song About Love

GOT7’s Mark Tuan and Sanjoy team up for the song 'One In a Million,' a smooth R&B love song perfect for Valentine’s Day weekend.

While most of the world came to a standstill in 2020, GOT7’s Mark Tuan and Sanjoy used their free time to combine their versatile skills and musical experience for their highly anticipated first collaboration, “One in A Million,” which has reached the top 5 in over 20 countries on iTunes within one day of its release.

Known for working to provide a platform for Asian artists, Sanjoy has curated an impressive repertoire, ranging from collaborations with K-pop artists to his involvement with Bollywood. “One In A Million” is a paramount moment for both Sanjoy and Tuan; it is Sanjoy’s biggest release yet and Tuan’s first solo endeavor since GOT7’s departure from JYP Entertainment. After family members introduced the two in California, Sanjoy and Tuan immediately began planning a collaboration project. Despite having difficulties coordinating time to meet in California, the project moved forward and Sanjoy got to work creating a song that perfectly exhibited both of their strengths as musicians.

When discussing the creation of the song, Sanjoy said, “We wrote the song with Mark at the center. From production to composition, it was his voice and vibe needed to bring it to life. When writing the song, I thought about how it would sound during a live performance of his. It combines rap and singing together, which plays on Mark’s strengths.” After recording the song in two sessions during Tuan’s visit to LA last year, the duo eagerly awaited releasing the project as a Valentine’s Day gift to their fans.

The track has a catchy, romantic R&B vibe with sweet lyrics that capture the essence of falling in love with your one-in-a-million person. Using the combination of emotional lyrics written by Sanjoy, Trey Schafer and Kunal Agarwal, and Tuan’s dynamic rap and vocals, “One in a Million” is definitely a must-have addition to your Valentine’s Day playlist.

Sanjoy tweeted thanking fans for their love and support of the project and announced an official music video to be released this Sunday on Valentine’s Day.

“One in a Million” is an excellent release and solo venture for Mark Tuan that signifies a new beginning for his music career. When speaking about the project, Tuan graciously thanked his fans: “I’m truly blessed and thankful for my fans and their support. I hope One in a Million gives a glimpse into my life, and what’s to come. Can’t wait to share it with you all. Love you!” As fans all around the world eagerly anticipate what comes next for both Mark Tuan and GOT7, the song is an awesome first glimpse into what the future has to hold. The track is out now on all platforms, just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend!

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