Born Pink, BLACKPINK's new album

BLACKPINK Announces Release Date for New Album ‘Born Pink’

The K-pop group’s influence reaches far beyond the borders of South Korea, encouraging individuality and bringing happiness to many around the world.
August 13, 2022
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The K-pop stars of the group BLACKPINK announced that they will be releasing their second album, “Born Pink,” sooner than expected. Fans have been patiently waiting two years for this album, making its release that much more exciting.

BLACKPINK consists of four women — Lisa, Rosé, Jennie and Jisoo — and collectively they are one of the most popular artists to ever come out of South Korea.

Along with their announcement, the K-pop band also shared the release date for its new single “Pink Venom,” which will be released on Aug. 19. According to Billboard, this will be the group’s second single following “Ready for Love,” a promotional single for their collaboration with PUBG Mobile.

Before the single, their 2020 debut studio album (called “The Album”) featured hit songs “How You Like That” and “Ice Cream,” featuring Selena Gomez. “The Album” sold around 1.2 million copies in under a month after its release, which made BLACKPINK the first million-selling K-pop girl group.

The four ladies have also branched off and experimented with solo endeavors. Lisa released two singles — “Lalisa” and “Money” — and collaborated with Megan Thee Stallion, DJ Snake and Ozuna on “SG” last year. Rosé released “On the Ground” and “Gone,” Jennie was cast as one of the faces for Calvin Klein and Jisoo teamed up with Cartier.

When BLACKPINK released their first album, the girls said that they wanted to take over the U.S. “You don’t have to understand Korean to understand the music, the visuals, the vibe,” Jisoo told Billboard.

In the last couple of years, BLACKPINK has fulfilled its promise to attract a U.S. audience. According to Rolling Stone, the group is the “most-followed music act on YouTube,” and “on the streets of Seoul, you see them everywhere, from tiny screens in elevators to billboards on skyscrapers.” BLACKPINK was also credited by former South Korean president Moon Jae-in for “giving hope and happiness to many around the world.”

In the U.S., the girl group has sold out arenas and collaborated with stars like Lady Gaga and Cardi B. “I feel proud of them, like I am being loved. When I see them being photographed or performing with these global stars, I feel proud. Of course, the disadvantage is we don’t see them as often in Korea,” said Jeong Yu-jung, a 23-year-old from Busan, South Korea.

Their music can be described as an explosive force that is addictive and invigorating, and we can expect nothing less from the songs on “Born Pink.” Rolling Stone noted, “They make serious bangers, mixing powerful hip-hop beats with house, EDM, and more.” They are known for their fun music videos filled with “bursts of color and inventive dancing, embodying YG’s characteristic dedication to ‘swag’ — a term emblazoned in large letters in one of the company’s bathrooms — and fiercely independent womanhood.”

BLACKPINK’s confidence seems to stem from a certainty among the group members about themselves as individuals. As put by Yu-jung, “If you don’t like me, you’ll regret it! I’m lovable and cool, you just don’t know it.”

“More than anyone, we want to be ordinary girls. Sure, there are times when we talk about what kind of influence we could have. But what we actually love is talking about our cats, dogs, good food and pretty places,” Jennie said.

These days, the stars spend as much of their quiet time as possible with family and friends. “I feel like I’m recharging myself. My life these days is not too busy, because we’re not actively performing yet. I want to come back with music quickly. I live alone, but my parents are in the same apartment building, so we share meals together,” Jisoo said.

The girls spent their teenage years at YG’s bustling headquarters, where they practiced for more than 12 hours a day and lived away from their families. “Debut, debut, debut,” Lisa says. “That was the only thing on our minds.”

In addition to the long working hours, they also had some rules: no dating, driving or drinking. “These bans were negotiable with the company. They just didn’t want us to do them behind their backs,” Rosé said. The members took mental health classes and therapy, but they have found that it’s better to just talk to each other.

BLACKPINK has been through so much as a group, and it has only made them stronger. “Born Pink” will be released on Sept. 16, and fans can’t wait to see what fun twist they put on this long-awaited album.

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