5 Underrated EDM Artists Whose Music Literally Compels You to Dance

Don’t even try to resist.
September 20, 2018
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Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix and Avicii are on an exclusive list of the most well-known EDM artists in the world. These artists have created their own iconic rhythms and remixed together amazing vocals with even better electronic beats, taking the world by storm in the rising popularity of EDM.

However, there are other artists that have slipped under the radar who have produced beats on the same level as other popular EDM songs. Although they’re still looking for their “big break,” these artists know their way around a great tempo and can get the whole crowd up and dancing all night.

Here are the five underrated EDM artists that’ll make you dance the night away.


French DJ and producer HUGEL is a classic EDM artist with a soulful bass that pounds your heart like the inside of a nightclub. HUGEL’s house music sets the tone and atmosphere for everyone inside the room, so it’s not just beats that you hear in the background, but music that puts you in the mood to eventually get up and dance with the crowd.

HUGEL produces songs with a lively tempo, perfect for jumping up and down to the beat. One voice usually starts off surrounded by the undertones of the electronic beats before those beats build up and take over the song. If you’ve seen “Money Heist” on Netflix, listen to HUGEL’s remix of “Bella Ciao,” the show’s most memorable song that is actually an old Italian folk song from the anti-fascist revolution.

His other EDM style reflects his more mellow side that holds a softer bass, but still gives good reason to get out of your seat and jam out with friends. Alongside Taio Cruz, “Signs” is a rhythmic melody for your summer vibes playlist.

2. Sigala

Bright colors and sounds are built into Sigala’s music to make anyone smile on a bad day. All of Sigala’s music videos have vibrant colors moving around, which visually depict his songs and remixes. The English DJ and producer creates hard-hitting beats that can bring up the energy in any room. You may recognize Sigala’s name from his hit single “Sweet Lovin’” back in 2015, and he recently came out with “Just Got Paid” alongside Ella Eyre and Meghan Trainor.

Luckily, you won’t have to wait much longer for more Sigala music. His newest album, “Brighter Days,” debuts Sept. 21, and judging from the album’s songs that have already been released, it’s sure to be a hit. Sigala’s newest album features his most popular top-charted songs, such as 2015 singles “Easy Love” and “Sweet Lovin’,” cluttered in with a handful of new tunes to listen on repeat.

3. Jonas Blue

Blending electronic beats with romantic lyrical ballads, Jonas Blue holds a versatile range that not many EDM artists possess. Blue doesn’t crowd the singer and beats, but mixes them well together — similar to how bakers don’t over-beat the eggs when adding them to a mixture. His lyrics are also nothing to ignore, as they speak about the ups and downs of relationships, like how love can make you feel on top of the world.

All of Blue’s songs remind you of long drives in the summer: windows are rolled down, volume is turned all the way up, the wind is in your face with the summer sun setting in front of you. His latest collab with MK and Becky Hill, “Back and Forth,” will remind you of just that, including Blue’s romanticized lyrics from his past songs.

4. Dallask

As an American singer and DJ, Dallask has shown growth from his DJ days into a wholesome balance between his voice and beats. When he was first starting out as an artist, Dallask got his hand to DJ mixes, which bring great energetic house music. Over the past year, Dallask has focused more on including his own vocals as a layer on top of his already great electronic mixes, smoothing out his hard-hitting beats with a deeper lyrical form to his songs.

Dallask’s lyrics are similar to Blue’s lyrics in that they explore the emotions of relationships; however, Dallask doesn’t shy away from creating a slower tempo to enhance the lyrical meaning behind the hardships of a relationship. Instead of feeling like you’re falling asleep, Dallask’s slower music still produces a strong enough beat to want to dance without having to jump around the world at a music festival.

5. Khrebto

The most underrated and creative EDM artist of the bunch is Russian EDM producer Khrebto. Multiple layers of electronic beats overlap each other for an invigorating musical experience where the beat drops are timed out just enough for you to catch your breath before the next drop.


His most recent song, “The Lost Colony,” featuring Swedish Red Elephant, is a music festival anthem that will take you back to good times in the summer. Khrebto’s mixes take you on a journey with a clean lead up to the ultimate beat drop, similar to the feeling you get in your stomach when going down the first drop of a roller coaster. As the lyrics in the song say “let’s get lost,” you are engulfed by the highs and lows of the beat that seem to twist and turn in a never-ending loop.

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