The Undercover Edge
Many of the lessons Levasseur lists in the book can be applied towards college students (Image via Derrick Levasseur)

8 Reasons Why You Should Read Derrick Levasseur’s ‘The Undercover Edge’

‘The Undercover Edge’ is a great tool that provides tips on how readers can apply investigative tactics to live a better life at work, school and home.

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The Undercover Edge
Many of the lessons Levasseur lists in the book can be applied towards college students (Image via Derrick Levasseur)

‘The Undercover Edge’ is a great tool that provides tips on how readers can apply investigative tactics to live a better life at work, school and home.

Derrick Levasseur, a former detective from Central Falls, Rhode Island, is the winner of season 16 of the hit reality show, “Big Brother.” He has played a detective on Discovery ID for the docu-series, “Is OJ Innocent? The Missing Evidence and will reprise his role in April for a new series, “The Unsolved.”

Levasseur released his first book, The Undercover Edge: Find Your Hidden Strengths, Learn to Adapt, and Build the Confidence to Win Life’s Game,” on Jan. 9, which talks about his life as a detective and the skills he developed, but also gives tips on how to apply those skills to every day life.

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Levasseur is regarded as one of the greatest players to have ever been on “Big Brother” because he used his undercover skills to manipulate players by building strong relationships and reading them, which he explains in the book. His background and experiences allowed him to not only win season 16, but also never be put up on the block for eviction the whole season.

After the release of his book, Levasseur embarked on a national book tour to talk about his experience, his journey and the book and to meet fans-old and new.

“The Undercover Edge” is a great read for college students, managers, fans of “Big Brother” and the everyday person looking to increase their social awareness. The book is a great motivation tool that provides tips on how readers can apply investigative tactics to live a better life at work, school and home.

The self-help autobiography can really help college students improve their life in college and after graduation. Read on to find out why college students should pick up a copy of the book.

1. Sometimes you need a friend

Many students may not have time to read or may not like to read, but “The Undercover Edge” is more like an old friend giving you advice when life seems like it is falling apart. It is an easy read, with only about 250 pages, that you can read while taking the train or in between classes.

It is a feel-good book that you will not want to put down. Put this on your list of books to read, even if you get to it this summer and watch it change your life.

2. While in college, you need all the motivation you can get

Levasseur’s book can inspire college students to perfect that paper they have been struggling with, apply for the internship or job they were procrastinating on, get a better read on family and friends and maybe even find the love of their life. It may even inspire you to write a book to tell your story or to become a motivational speaker.

3. Defining yourself

Chapter one talks all about establishing who you are as a person. You may be in a situation where you are the youngest or oldest person in the room and feel out of place. You may doubt yourself and think you may not be able to do the task you have picked for yourself.

Levasseur encourages readers to analyze strengths, especially the ones that set you apart from others and recognize and embrace weaknesses.

4. Working in groups and solving group conflicts

This one is essential for college students. When faced with a large task or situation, it is always easier to accomplish more when working in groups.

However, working in groups can cause major stress. Levasseur’s solution is to pull out all the parts that are causing problems in the group and use those components to develop an understanding of what is happening and how it can be solved. You will never get away from working with others, so learn how to work peacefully now.

5. Follow your dreams and believe in them

Levasseur recounts that he told his wife, Jana, that if he auditioned for “Big Brother,” he would win and he did! To make your dreams come true, Levasseur gives three simple steps: know your mission, have a specific plan and focus on one objective at a time. This is a great tip for college students, especially during finals week when all hope and willpower is lost.

6. Learn from your mistakes

We are human, we make mistakes (especially in college) and we will continue to make mistakes until the day we die. Yet, we must learn from them, so we don’t make the same mistakes twice. Levasseur teaches readers that it is ok to make mistakes but you need to find out about yourself where you went wrong through them.

The tips we learn here are: review the situation, how you handled it and what the outcome was. Think about how you could have handled the mistake differently that would result in a better outcome. Mistakes are important to fundamental growth but it is more important what you take away from them.

7. “Surround yourself with Inspiration”

This is the last full chapter, but you always save the best for last. The first sentence states, “regardless of how talented or successful a person may be, everyone has someone they look up to,” and is extremely powerful.

After graduating college and landing your dream career, always remember where you came from, the struggles you faced when you were there and who you looked up to and turned to during that time. If you are lucky enough to have a role model, aspire to be like them. Keep a humble mindset, be successful but be someone that others can look up to.

8. Find your “Undercover Edge”

The last line of the book reads, “Achieving personal and professional success hinges on your ability to observe and understand your target. By developing a profile, you can use that information to adapt to the situation, communicate more effectively, and accomplish your mission. That’s your undercover edge.” No further explanation is needed. This sums it up perfectly.

These eight points are not enough to sum up the impact that “The Undercover Edge” can have on college students. After all, they are the generation that needs the most inspiration, motivation and teachable moments.

Buy a copy today, improve your life and inspire others. Then if you enjoy the book and want Derrick Levasseur to speak at your college, make sure to email his publicists. You may just find the greatest “Big Brother” player of all time on your campus.

For more inspiration and to keep up with everything Derrick is doing, follow his social media accounts and visit his official website.

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