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The phrase ‘in all your glory’ was coined for a reason.

This may sound taboo, but it doesn’t have to be. As the March/April 2017 issue of “Playboy” proclaims, naked is normal! Not only is baring your skin natural, but going nude is also rich in both psychological and biological benefits. Letting it all hang out is not easy for everyone, but with enough practice, being naked becomes second nature, in addition to first. Everyone was born naked, so why not live naked?

An online survey conducted by Dr. Keon West found that people who spent more time nude had higher self-esteem. This makes sense, since people who wear skimpier swimsuits are assumably very comfortable with their bodies, and rocking nothing at all takes an incredible amount of security. Leaving yourself uncovered allows you to become more comfortable in your own skin, which is what brings about body positivity. Since everything is exposed, the person in the buff is bound to see themselves, and the more someone looks at anything, the more used to it they become; they can even learn to appreciate it. Of course, satisfaction with one’s weight takes time, but disrobing may help speed up the process.

Being naked more often can also help people look better naked. Not wearing clothes stimulates the growth of brown adipose tissue—also known as “good fat”—and decreases the amount of white adipose tissue, which is the unhealthy fat. Going au naturel also lowers cortisol, which is a stress hormone that enables weight gain. In addition to its weight loss effects, being unclothed helps with the appearance and health of skin, since wearing sweaty clothes can cause rashes and can lead to vaginal infections. Having unclear skin can also lead to low self-esteem, which does not help in any area of life, especially those concerning the body.

Spending more time in your birthday suit helps your mind, body and your body’s performance. If someone loves their body, then they are likely to keep that confidence during sex. A survey done in 2014 discovered that a whopping 57 percent of people who slept naked reported satisfaction in their relationships. Given the results of this study, it is safe to say that if someone has a good relationship with their own body, it leads to a good relationship with someone else’s. But, like any relationship, a relationship with one’s physical self takes time.

Spending time undraped can be nerve-racking for many individuals, but there’s no need to worry; nudity can be done in baby steps. Personally, I eased my way into sleeping naked by sleeping topless first. The top half of the body is the less intimate half because it contains no sexual organs, which makes it easier to uncover. Of course, sleeping without a pajama top can still be unnerving, but there are ways to overcome the fear of being shirtless.

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Sleeping topless is still half-naked. If 50 percent is too high, then try sleeping without a bra or underwear. This way all intimate areas are covered, but they are still free. This method is especially useful for people with roommates. Although nudity is natural, it is not always decent to get undressed in front of others. Going commando is also a way to ease into nudity that anyone can do in public, depending on what they’re wearing. It also helps prevent yeast infections, which is a bonus. Although commando is an exception, most adjustment methods can, and should, be done in private.

A casual way to look at oneself unclad is by undressing in front of mirrors. Getting dressed is a daily occurrence, which gives anyone plenty of opportunities to view themselves without clothes, and ease into acceptance of their physique. If you share a room and don’t want others to see you, then start changing in the bathroom. Another everyday action that involves nudity is preparing to take a shower or bath. Before bathing, take a few moments to view yourself garmentless. If this is still too much, then just undress in front of the mirror before showering and skip the extra time staring at your reflection. If this step is not enough, there are more unconventional ways to spend time nude.

Some say that the best workout gear includes clothing items such as sports bras, yoga pants or loose-fitting clothing. False! If you work out alone, the best fit is nothing at all (with a few exceptions). Clothing can restrict one’s range of motion, and exercising naked allows people to see their bodies nude and in action. Working out unattired helped me embrace my physicality, and it can help you too! Try it at least once. Be safe though, because working out without protective gear can cause injury.

Ladies, if you have chest or back pain during physical activity, avoid doing cardio naked and stick to less jiggly activities, such as yoga, weight lifting or pilates. If cardio is a must, then wear a sports bra during the routine or stick to low-impact workouts, since they do not involve jumping. Men should also be careful when working out in all their glory.

Gentlemen, put the safety of your male parts first and avoid bouncy exercises if they hurt, because they can cause testicular pain. If any men plan on having their next sweat session nude, it would not be a bad idea to avoid moves like dumbbell swings, or anything that involves putting a weight that close to the genitals at all. Besides, no one wants to injure their private parts while trying to get more comfortable with them!

To get comfortable in one’s own skin, a person needs to fully see themselves first. Nudity in private or in the right context is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone has a body and should be appreciative of what it can do and what is has done for them. Body confidence comes faster for some than others, which is understandable. Still, that self-love is attainable and can be obtained through nakedness, because when you strip down, your physical and mental health goes up!

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