Twenty One Pilots may be releasing some new music soon. (Image via Billboard)

Twenty One Pilots Are Teasing the World with Cryptic, Eye-Centric Messages

So far, they’ve managed to outsmart thousands of fans determined to decode the clues.

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Twenty One Pilots may be releasing some new music soon. (Image via Billboard)

So far, they’ve managed to outsmart thousands of fans determined to decode the clues.

After a one-year hiatus from the public eye, Twenty One Pilots have returned to the stage; however, the details about what occurred during the duo’s sabbatical are still unknown, as band members Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have been relatively quiet since their return.

On July 6, exactly one year after the band disappeared from the radar, fans subscribed to their email list received a cryptic message containing a GIF of a yellow eye and the words “ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING?”

The same GIF later appeared on social media, including Twitter and Instagram. Each post displays the eye, whose pupil contains a video, slightly more open than before, suggesting a potential teaser for a new music video.

Joseph and Dun’s first post on July 9 sounds similar to a roaring fire, and in their latest post, fans can hear drowned out music followed by a similar sound. The band members have not created any other posts on social media since they broke their silence.

Twenty One Pilots has also teased fans by placing billboards around Toronto and London, which portray their new style.

On a website that has since been deleted, a distorted and scratchy clip was released, which fans believe featured Joseph singing.

The cryptic file name for the piece — “__n_ot_myo_nly_fri_en d” — was decoded by a fan account, who inaccurately predicted the band would release a major announcement on July 6.

One of the other recent updates can be found when looking at the logo for the band, which now contains a black background and yellow accents. Joseph and Dun revealed the new logo by subtly changing their profile pictures on social media. They also changed their Twitter header to a black background with a piece of yellow tape that reveals one letter: E.

Fans are currently unclear about what is underneath the piece of tape, but the name of a new album or some of the lyrics for a new song is always a possibility.

Twenty One Pilots was cryptic in their announcement of the hiatus after posting pictures of backward lyrics, such as “You’ll Have to Come and Find Me” and “And Now I Just Sit in Silence.”

Although fans do not have a definite answer about the potential for a new song or album, plenty of speculations already exist.

Twitter fan account @top__today, dedicated to the band, said another user discovered two new official Twenty One Pilots songs listed in the International Standard Recording Code databases, titled “Jumpsuit” and “Nico and the Niners.” As of the present, however, the band has yet to confirm either of the songs.

On July 8, the radio host of “The Mo Show” from Arizona’s ALT 99.3, asked fans to guess the day and time that the new Twenty One Pilots song will be released, promising the winner a special gift from the band. The host did not, however, know the name of the new song.

For now, fans will just have to keep decoding the cryptic posts from the band to figure out more information while they wait for an actual song or album release.

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