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The Driver Era Will ‘Keep Moving Forward’ With Fresh New Music

The sibling duo has just released a music video for the first single from their upcoming album.

The Driver Era, a popular duo since 2018, recently released a new single and music video titled “Keep Moving Forward,” which features well known artist Nikka Costa. The duo, consisting of brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch ­— both previous members of the sibling pop-rock band R5 — last released music in 2021 with their first studio album, “Girlfriend.” True to Driver Era’s nature, their newest song features a dance vibe, but also differs in some ways from the material on their previous album.

“Keep Moving Forward” marks their first song since the release of “Heaven Angel” in July 2021 and is also their first track to feature another artist. Just a week after the song’s debut, the music video was released and stuck to a simple theme that did not take away from the essence of the song. Though it has been a month since this song came out, it will surely be a catchy summer tune stuck in everyone’s head.

The song opens with a faint beat and somewhat distorted lyrics that immediately grab your attention. The song starts with Ross singing, “I’ve got to keep moving forward” over a fun beat. If you are already a fan of The Driver Era, you might find yourself catching onto the familiar energy of the song, but you will also be introduced to music that contrasts with their usual sound. Typically, the duo’s music is known for its pop, rock and dance influences. However, this track brings a distinctly fresh and vibrant rhythm to their work that will have you bopping your head without realizing it.

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As the song begins, lyrics begin to pour out and the music quickly builds, almost immediately shifting to a minor beat drop. This segues into an instrumental portion, which includes a catchy tempo that is hard not to snap your fingers to.

“I’ve got to keep moving forward, there’s no escape,” sing Ross and Rocky Lynch, as the upbeat sound plays. “Keep Moving Forward” includes both Ross and Rocky’s voices, along with that of Nikka Costa. The blend of their three voices and the alternative dance beat makes for an eccentric song bound to be added to your summer playlist (if it hasn’t already).

Though the music video does a great job of not peeling your attention away from the lyrics and sound, the visuals do contribute to this fun summer track. Uniquely, it opens with Ross and Rocky clones, who are vibing to their own song against a simple white background. The video also contains candid shots of the duo on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean, which becomes eye candy that adds to the music playing in the background.

Perfectly in sync with the season, “Keep Moving Forward” has an energetic summer vibe to it that has every Driver Era fan wanting more. This song has a fun rhythm and catchy lyrics, which reflects what’s happening in their lives at the moment, on a business level and a personal level.

In the description box of their music video, both brothers explained what the song meant to them: “To us, ‘Keep Moving Forward’ is about finding the new, whatever that may be. Moving past a specific experience, bypassing influences, or discovering new heights — we want the listener to come up with their own interpretation.”

Really, there is a lot to take from that, as the duo has given us another song to not only vibe to but also to think about. Though not completely unlike their usual sound, this song serves as a precursor to their somewhat new house/dance sound. Luckily for listeners, the band has only just given a taste of what new music is in store for the upcoming months.

In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone, Ross Lynch revealed this song is the first single off an album set to be released in mid-August. Though the duo is unsure of how many tracks there will be on the new album, they said that “Summer Mixtapes” will contain new music best described as eclectic, new and courageous.

Currently, their next track “Malibu” is set to release on July 28, which fans on Twitter and Instagram predict will be their best, most timely summer anthem yet. Just like with their previous songs, The Driver Era has continually promoted their new music via social media. They recently posted a “Malibu” song poster with the caption “wish I could stay with you,” referencing a line from their new track. This six-worded caption already has fans itching for this song to drop.

The duo is also promoting their upcoming tour set to start next month. In May, the two announced their “Summer Tour 2022” and gave their followers access to the tickets. The first of August will kick off their first tour date in New Jersey and throughout the month their shows will also feature special musical guests such as Summer Salt and Almost Monday (both indie bands). The band’s summer tour will extend all the way into the month of November.

Many on Twitter and TikTok have expressed their desperation and love for the band’s intimate and lively concert experiences. Fans in the comment section of their post promoting upcoming tour dates shared a common interest in seeing The Driver Era in person.

With an upcoming tour and the band’s previous track record of great songs — as well as more, different content in the works — Driver Era fans are excited to see what new music is yet to come. Of course, the newer fans, who have been reeled into the musical world of the duo, are also filled with excitement for new music.

Even if not widely known, The Driver Era continues to be recognized by their different sounds and the energy of their music. Ross and Rocky Lynch continue to produce their own sound and refine their voice in new music. Each song holds a life of its own, but they’re also just fun to vibe along to.

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