*NSYNC's latest honor has many fans pondering a possible reunion (Image via Google)

*NSYNC Is Finally Receiving Their Walk of Fame Star

On ‘It’s Gonna Be May’ day, April 30, the former band will reunite for this tremendous honor.

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*NSYNC's latest honor has many fans pondering a possible reunion (Image via Google)

On ‘It’s Gonna Be May’ day, April 30, the former band will reunite for this tremendous honor.

“Here We Go!” One of the most popular boy bands of the ‘90s, *NSYNC, will be “Tearin’ Up Our Hearts” and the Hollywood Walk of Fame when they receive their star on the walk on April 30.

The band went on an indefinite hiatus in 2002, reunited for a performance in 2013 at the VMA’s for Justin Timberlake’s Video Vanguard Award, have attended each other’s weddings and birthdays and is now briefly reuniting for their star ceremony.

*NSYNC, formed in 1995 by Chris Kirkpatrick in Orlando, Florida, grew an initial following in Germany before becoming international pop stars. Kirkpatrick recruited his friend, Joey Fatone, to join the band. After reviewing tapes from the Mickey Mouse Club, the duo turned into four when JC Chasez and Justin Timberlake caught their eyes. Jason Galasso was the original fifth member before Lance Bass joined.

Galasso quit shortly after the band was formed because he wasn’t interested in being a teen idol. Ultimately, Bass joined, and the rest was history. The band has gone on to record multiple No. 1 hits, sparking many Grammy wins.

For fans of the band, this has been a long time coming. The announcement was originally made on June 29, 2016, but was put off for a while due to funding. Luckily, *NSYNC has seriously dedicated fans; a GoFundMe page was started by the Lance Bass Street Team so the guys could receive their star. Eventually, the funding goal was reached and the date for the band to cement their name in history was set.

2018 is the perfect time to receive their star. After all, it is the 20th anniversary of the band’s debut and self-titled album release in the U.S. April 30 also holds a special place in the fandom’s heart because it is known as “It’s Gonna Be May Day” after the band’s 2000 song “It’s Gonna Be Me.” Timberlake’s southern accent shines through in the song and the last “me” sounds like “May,” sparking the 2012 meme.

The meme has become so popular that even former President Barack Obama posted a photo of him and Timberlake in 2014 with the meme caption. Timberlake, currently in the middle of his Man of the Woods Tour, is performing in L.A. the day before. This scheduling could be due to coincidence or very clever event organizers.

The Los Angeles ceremony will be streamed on the Walk of Fame website at 11:30 a.m. PST and will end at 12:15 p.m. for any fans who can’t make it in person. The ceremony will feature guest speakers Carson Daly and Ellen DeGeneres who have both been very prominent in the band’s life. It is a free event that anyone can attend.

If you are planning to attend the reception, the star will be located at 7080 Hollywood Blvd., near the corner of La Brea, where other boy band stars are located.

In an interview with Billboard, Bass revealed that the boys are launching an “old flashback merch line” with ‘90s inspired clothing, accessories, collectible figures, games and more, that will drop the same day as the star ceremony, most likely on the band’s website.

So, if you “Just Got Paid” be sure to save up for the merchandise because it will probably sell out fast.

Even though the band is reuniting for the Star ceremony, there is no talk of them getting back together. They have no plans on making new music or touring, as confirmed in a tweet by Bass. Stop “Tearin’ Up Our Hearts!”

Although fans were disappointed when the rest of the band didn’t join Timberlake for his Superbowl Performance, they can still get excited about the mini-reunion on April 30.

The “Celebrity” singers have all been busy since their breakup, which is one of the many reasons the band isn’t touring. Timberlake has starred in numerous movies, produced five albums, headlined many tours and much more. He is the busiest of the group and would have to make time to fit a reunion tour in his schedule.

After being the announcer on “Family Feud,” Fatone opened up “Fat Ones,” his Italian ice and hot dog restaurant and has become the co-host on the “Impractical Jokers: After Party.”

Bass has starred in “My Kitchen Rules,” has written an autobiography and has competed on “Dancing with the Stars” alongside Fatone.

Kirkpatrick has done voice-overs for “The Fairly Oddparents” and regularly attends many conventions. Also, he recently welcomed a son in October.

Chasez released a solo album, judged on “America’s Best Dance Crew,” produced the female band, Girl Radical, and still produces records for numerous artists.

The group is involved in so many solo activities that occasional appearances are the only things on their schedules right now. Kirkpatrick has stated numerous times that they have a group chat where they talk daily and will always be brothers.

So, the guys still talk, just not publicly. Maybe, if the cards fall right, fans might get the privilege of a reunion tour. For now, “Giddy Up” to Los Angeles or your computer screens and join the band for this tremendous honor.

Since the 2013 VMA performance that had ‘90s babies hearts fluttering, all five guys have joined Instagram and Twitter. Also, an official Twitter page for the band has been started so fans can keep up with the members’ solo and group endeavors.

The group is not saying “Bye, Bye, Bye” for good. Enjoy the mini-reunions they have and support them by following their careers. Fans can come together to watch the band receive their long-awaited star on the morning on April 30th.

This is a tremendous honor for the group when their name will be in stone along with other legendary boy bands. It is not something you want to miss… “This I Promise You.”

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