Bobby Tarantino II
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‘Mixtape Logic’ Is Back in His Newest Album, ‘Bobby Tarantino II’

‘Bobby Tarantino II’ is the sixth mixtape by Logic and it currently has his fans reeling as ‘mixtape Logic’ makes a much-welcomed comeback.

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Bobby Tarantino II

‘Bobby Tarantino II’ is the sixth mixtape by Logic and it currently has his fans reeling as ‘mixtape Logic’ makes a much-welcomed comeback.

You might know Logic as the guy whose hit single was “1-800-273-8255” — a song that gave a nod to and acted as a general PSA for the Suicide Prevention Hotline.

Many who have listened to Logic from the beginning of his career, however, know him from more than just that single — they know him as a rapper who not only has a great ear for music but one who layers his history, messages and personality into his music.

With a handful of nominations and awards, Logic’s performances and albums are certainly unique from other rappers. Currently, Logic is back with his sixth mixtape titled, “Bobby Tarantino II.” Still in its advent of release — Logic dropped “Bobby Tarantino II” just last Friday on March 9 — it’s obvious there’s a sense of duality when it comes to his music.

Authenticity can be found throughout the beats of each song on his mixtape and the lyrics and verses are all distinctive, calling back to his classic mixtape style. “Bobby Tarantino II” proves to be a worthy sequel to the “Bobby Tarantino” album and almost feels like the album’s continuation when it comes to versatile style, flow and most importantly, how Logic shows his sense of self.

Known for “peace, love [and] positivity,” Logic’s music is for not only himself but also for the people who support what he stands for, which he has highlighted on his past mixtapes, “Bobby Tarantino II” seems to be the return of “mixtape Logic.”

Here’s just a little bit of what “Bobby Tarantino II” contains and ultimately how Logic’s sixth mixtape is definitely worth listening to.

The 13 tracks of the mixtape open in an archaic way. Logic humorously picks fun at his music with the opening “track” entitled, “Grandpa’s Space Ship.” The two-minute track is not actually a track at all, it’s a skit that has the voices of the characters Rick and Morty in it. You know, the cartoon characters from the adult animated show, “Rick and Morty.

The main characters begin Logic’s mixtape by definitively setting up exactly what the mixtape will give you: the return of “mixtape Logic.” To answer Morty’s question, “Why does it matter which Logic [we listen too], mixtape or album Logic?” Rick says that Logic “has a plethora of music that varies from mood to mood… I’m not in the mood for a message about how I can be what I want, equality and s**t.”

“Mixtape Logic” has returned in “Bobby Tarantino II” as Logic is moving away from his 2017 album, “Everybody.” After the introduction from Rick and Morty, the mixtape dives into the song “Overnight,” which starts with sounds from a video game — a clear homage to his love for video games and his overall dorky personality.

The video game sound is what backs up the verses Logic spits throughout the song; the track mimics and is most likely a continuation of Bobby Tarantino’s “Super Mario World.”

As the mixtape progresses, the third track, “Contra,” is filled with lyrics that talk about Logic’s rise to success and a nod to the followers that have just come to the “RattPack scene” with lyrics such as, “You do not know a thing about this life that I’m livin’ / You’ve never been low enough / Yeah I was born at the bottom.”

“BoomTrap Protocol” has a hip-hop, trap-music vibe to it that skillfully transitions “Contra” into “Yuck.” The fifth song, “Yuck,” follows Logic as he disses the people that he has beef with. The music changes, almost like it takes on an old-school-loop beat filled with a slick bass.

The lyrics are also ambiguous as to who he is dissing throughout the whole track, but with some research, it’s already highly debated that the song is directed at Joyner Lucas. The subliminal verses in this track show just how much success a person can have over another; the flow of the verses also have such a flare and fire that make “Yuck” a top song to listen to on the mixtape.

Four artists are featured alongside Logic on their own individual tracks in “Bobby Tarantino II.” Wiz Khalifa’s verses are found on the sixth song, “Indica Badu,” rapping about a psychedelic trip on weed, with the music mimicking the whimsical style of being high.

Rapper 2 Chainz brings an aggressive tone to the song “State of Emergency” that fills your ears with the opening instrumentals and vocals of an opera singer. “Wassup” is paired with the fast flow of Logic, a catchy opening and chorus and the rhymes of Big Sean. Anonymous DJ, also known as Marshmello, is the co-producer and co-writer of the song “Everyday.”

The song was the third to be released before the drop of “Bobby Tarantino II,” coming out on March 2, just one week before the March 9 album release. “Everyday” is about how hard Logic works every day — and how anyone can work every day — to be successful.

“Young Sinatra,” is well known to be one of Logic’s personas, like Beyoncé’s “Sasha Fierce” and Eminem’s “Slim Shady.” Logic happens to have two personas: Young Sinatra, which is a homage to his love for Sinatra and old movies, and Bobby Tarantino. Young Sinatra makes an appearance in “Warm It Up” between the tracks “Midnight” and “Wizards of Oz.”

Logic concludes “Bobby Tarantino II” with a sequel song from his previous mixtape, “44 More,” where he only lays out 44 bars in the song. With hard-hitting verses, he talks about his past and present and showcases his quick-flow style.

So, “Bobby Tarantino II” is worth listening to for multiple reasons:

The mixtape is spectacular and truly showcases the versatility that Logic gives to his fans, old and new, to listen to. Stylistically, “Bobby Tarantino II” will be different for RattPack fans who are just beginning into love his music.

Every track that is on this mixtape doesn’t follow a generic hip-hop and rap layout and “mixtape Logic” is different from “album Logic,” but in an amazing way. “Bobby Tarantino II,” according to Billboard, is also heading for No. 1 since its debut.

The powerful, punching verses, coupled with Logic’s inspiring qualities of versatility and authenticity, make “Bobby Tarantino II” a fitting mixtape for showing his style, musical taste and clever lyrics.

You can listen to “Bobby Tarantino II” on Spotify, YouTube and iTunes now.

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