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All You Need To Know About Cooper Alan, The King of Smash Ups

The Nashville-based musical artist is renowned for his talent for mixing up genres to create fresh, modern renditions of the old.
January 19, 2022
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We have all heard new versions of old songs, and we all have opinions on these new versions as well. Well, Cooper Alan has turned the old into the new. He has totally changed the realm of music by mixing lyrics from all songs and genres. He creates his own music in addition to refining the old into something much fresher. Cooper Alan, king of compilations, totally rocks at taking a certain song and giving it a new twist.

Born in North Carolina, Alan is a 25-year-old Gemini. He spent four years at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, where he played in bars all over the area. Alan is about 5 feet, 9 inches tall, with blue eyes and blonde hair. Growing up, he was introduced to all sorts of music by his parents, who enjoyed a wide variety of genres. People comment on the fact that he has a cute smile, impressive style, good looks and an amazing personality. He seems to be the complete package, especially with his warm, rich country voice that could melt butter.

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He draws inspiration from all music genres and does not limit himself; in fact, he takes pride in pushing boundaries and mixing things up. He also injects his Southern roots into his music and performs in a variety of concerts and music events all over. Alan wants to give the world a fresh, new idea of what music is. This mindset is the key to his recent success. Because of his drive to bring his music to the front lines, he and his band have played everywhere they’ve wanted and become the go-to band for great energy and wonderful music.

Alan first visited Nashville when he was just 15 years old when he took part in a Grammy camp. After college, he chose to move to Nashville with his guitar at the urging of Victoria Shaw, a songwriter and producer. They met while he was interning in New York, and she learned of his talents at breakfast one morning. He now has tour dates all around Nashville, and he has also had the wonderful opportunity to write songs with people like Gary Burr, Matt Nolen, Will Robinson and many others. He will continue to do collaborative work in the future.

In addition to playing concerts, Alan has accounts on all major social media apps, such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. He has over 6 million fans on TikTok; astounding, right? He is one of the biggest personalities on the video-sharing platform. He also has over 540,000 followers on Facebook and 438,000 followers on Instagram. On Instagram, he is popular for his eye-catching pictures and videos. You can also pick up his music on several apps, like iTunes and Spotify. His social media presence is overwhelming and grows bigger every day.

Alan has also been featured in magazines like Smashing Magazine and Music Row Magazine. He wants to use his music as a platform for others who want to break into the industry, so he aims to provide inspiration for independent artists everywhere. He has an extremely business-oriented mindset and makes money with his intelligence. The music Alan produces is all his own — from his own personal taste in music, to his mixes where he recreates old songs to fit into new genres. It is all so exciting and inspiring. He wants to know where he should tour this year, and if you want to give him your two cents, you can let him know.

He vacationed recently in Castries, Saint Lucia, with his family, enjoying some quality time before hitting the studio once again. Pictures have been posted on some of his social media sites, and the photographs are amazingly beautiful. It’s incredible to know that Alan has accomplished so much at such an early age and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The way Alan turns music on its head is beyond cool. Making hip-hop into country, or rap into pop is just one of his several talents. Friends are always challenging him to make something new and improved, and he never fails to meet his goal.

Alan is someone like you have never seen before. He has talent and drive like you wouldn’t believe, and he is succeeding in making himself one of the biggest names out there. It is only a matter of time before he is playing sold-out concerts where he combines his own music with the amazing compilations he does. There is something unique within him, and he has the spark that will take him to the top. Alan brings his versatile lyrics and his real experiences to life with his music. He wants a simple lifestyle, and with that, he can pursue a wonderful life. His following on social media does not seem to be diminishing anytime soon — just the opposite, in fact. The more people hear about him, the more people that are following him and tuning into him. Alan is always making great music and putting it out there for all to hear.

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