The 3 Fashion Trends That Need to End

They're ugly on the outside and the inside.

In a world so focused on appearances it can be hard finding a safe avenue that allows you to express yourself in whatever fashion you seem fit.

There have been many critics, some professional and some self-made, who have built empires on what fashion trends are worthy of being kept and which are needing to be dumped. Many of these critics hold the power of those who follow them as their fanbase declares them as the best means of publicizing what is trending and what is falling off in the fashion world.

However, the best option when deciding what fashion trends are worthy of being kept and which are needing to be dumped are not found in these critics but by the one who stares back at you in the mirror — yourself.

Cheesy or not, you are the best at giving opinions on fashion trends. The judgments of others should not be the only avenue of finding gratification in what makes you look and feel good about what you’re wearing.

The world’s fashion trends should be considered a suggestion to those who follow them. Not all are bad and some are practical, but the opinions of others shouldn’t be the place where you find solace.

If there were to ever be a set list of fashion trends that could be observed by every individual and deemed as trends that should end, these “fashion trends” are worthy of being acknowledged and hopefully thrown out the window to never be used again.

1. The trend of caring what people think

It’s time to stop caring about what others think of you.

If you want to leave your house wearing neon socks with black Nike sandals, please do. You are less likely to be hit by a car at night wearing that type of get-up. Life is too short to constantly worry about what the person across from you thinks about the fabric that sits on your skin.

So, don’t let the negative opinions of others stop you from developing a fashion statement that others are too afraid to create or handle on their own. There’s liberation and true freedom when the opinions of others are kept out of mind. Decide today to keep the positive, healthy opinions from those you truly care about and throw out the rest.

Don’t allow another person’s set of beliefs that are not necessarily based on facts or knowledge keep you from expressing yourself in whatever means fit in the world of fashion trends. Be your own trend and own it.

2. The trend of caring what you think

After deciding to debunk the opinions of others, there’s a bigger trend that can be even more difficult to choose to let go of: your own opinion.

Sometimes our own minds are the hardest critics to overcome. It’s easy to not care what others think and let their opinions fly by, but how much does it take to not let our own conscious stop us from following a fashion trend that caters to our interests and makes a statement?

Self-esteem is the main discourse that comes into play when we become overwhelmed with our inner critic. Our thought life, which is the most basic part of human life, allows us to navigate through life in a healthy and logical way, however, it is also where the biggest critic over our own lives can negatively thrive.

Your thought life is a battleground, including when deciding what is best suited for what you decide to wear and who you decide to be. Don’t let your own opinions decide what’s fashionably best for you. If you grew up dressing mostly like a tomboy but one day you decide you want to try wearing a sundress, go for it.

Having a complacent thought life is the place you don’t want to be. Take some courage and choose not to be comfortable and try getting out of the box. Your comfort zone may be what’s stopping you from finally overcoming the low parts of your self-esteem. Let your thought life be a motivation and not a hindrance in your own fashion world.

3. The trend of being someone you’re not

Lastly, be true to who you are and not who you think you should be.

It can be a confusing time trying to discern what negative opinions you yourself have acquired over time and what opinions have been conditioned by others. Just like not caring what people think or caring what you think, don’t force yourself to be someone you are not and wear things that cater to someone else’s idea or opinions.

The hope point of a fashion trend is that they are repetitive and well-liked by those who are repeating them. If a fashion statement is going to become a trend then there must be the one who must be the first to take a risk and show it off.

Try being that first person and be reminded that the only trends that need to end are those that go against your own.

Briana Perez, University of Texas at San Antonio

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