5 Reasons Why a Clinton Presidency Shouldn’t Happen, but Probably Will Anyway
5 Reasons Why a Clinton Presidency Shouldn’t Happen, but Probably Will Anyway

5 Reasons Why a Clinton Presidency Shouldn’t Happen, but Probably Will Anyway

In what has certainly been a uniquely historic election, the controversy of one candidate will not end at the polls.
November 8, 2016
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The Curious Case of Hillary Clinton

In what has certainly been a uniquely historic election, the controversy of one candidate will not end at the polls.

By Jeffrey Cope, Texas State University.

Win or lose the election, Hillary Clinton will have to continue to battle her toughest opponent—herself.

As I sit thinking about the two candidates, still anxiously awaiting the final results of the election to come in, I can’t help but feel somewhat disenfranchised by the whole process. Did the people really have a choice?

I predict Hillary Clinton will win because she has immense financial and media support, the advantage of establishment experience and has overcome seemingly impossible obstacles to get where she is. Also, as I’m sure Clinton would agree, there’s just no way a buffoon like Donald Trump could rob her of the throne.

In what has certainly been a uniquely historic election, the controversy of one candidate will not end at the polls.
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The historic significance of this race falls particularly on the side of Clinton, who of course has the potential to be the first female President of the United States. However, she is also the first potential president to take office while undergoing multiple criminal investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

There is no doubt that Clinton has “worked like a demon” throughout her political career to get to where she is, and within hours she may achieve the presidency. Honestly, I think she will succeed in her endeavor, because to have gotten to where she is, despite having a plethora of scandals out in the open and under investigation, her possible role as president begins to feel almost ordained.

Yet, I do like to imagine that she could lose. The deplorable Donald Trump has shown himself to be a formidable force in the election, so unfortunately he is the likely alternative, but Trump himself isn’t why Clinton could lose. Clinton has also suffered from the distrust of a large number of spiteful Bernie Sanders supporters who, because of Clinton’s questionable election tactics against Sanders during the primaries, have chosen not to vote for the Democratic nominee. Though some of her chicanery is still coming to light through the leaked emails of the Clinton campaign, it has been established that she at least received advance knowledge of debate questions from the DNC.

Emails like the ones of Campaign Manager John Podesta and others, provided by WikiLeaks, have led to the resignation of Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile from her position at CNN; Brazile may also have to step down from her position at the DNC in the future as well.

In what has certainly been a uniquely historic election, the controversy of one candidate will not end at the polls.
Donna Brazile (Image via Washington Post)

If she does, it would mark the fifth high level DNC resignation since chairwoman Debbie Wassermann Shultz, who first resigned earlier this year after being caught colluding in questionable election tactics as well, a significant controversy that suggests that the nomination could well have gone to Sanders. However, as more leaks come out, it appears that Sanders colluded with Clinton as well.

The Clinton presidential campaign is also in jeopardy because of ongoing releases of undercover footage from the investigative journalists at Project Veritas. The footage provides damning evidence of longtime voter fraud, racism and violent voter intimidation by the Democratic Party in favor of Clinton, which has also resulted in the resignations and terminations of those involved.

Fortunately for Clinton, most of her negative press is obfuscated through her collusion with, and influence over, the mainstream media. The media’s blatant bias is what keeps her looking favorable to the public; it is why, within hours, she may become President of the United States, despite the ongoing controversies that could possibly lead to impeachment.

From observing the news coverage regarding the election, it is evident that the media is providing more coverage toward ridiculing Trump, his mistakes and his crude comments and sexual behavior, rather than, well, Bill Clinton’s sexual behavior (since we’re on the subject), or simply the clear wrongdoings of the DNC, the Clinton campaign and even the Clinton Foundation, again, seeing as the candidate has five pending FBI investigations.

As the country awaits the final results of the election, here is a summary of the most important scandals that have occurred in the Clinton campaign.

1. Beginning with Benghazi

The controversy surrounding Clinton and what happened in Benghazi, a large city in northern Libya where a U.S. embassy outpost is located, is that on September 11, 2012 the embassy was attacked by terrorists and four Americans were killed.

In what has certainly been a uniquely historic election, the controversy of one candidate will not end at the polls.
U.S. Consulate in Benghazi (Image via NYT)

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at the time (2009-2013), and soon after the attack she was reported to have given different accounts as to what caused to attack, “one public, one private,” as she says. Originally the blame was placed publicly on an internet video depicting the Muslim Prophet Muhammad, which was said to have caused a violent reactionary protest at the embassy.

The hypothesis later proved to be untrue, as the attack was determined to be a deliberate terrorist act. The issue then put into question Hillary’s refusal to lend additional security to the base, which could possibly have saved the America lives that were tragically lost. When asked about it by Congress, Hillary notoriously replied by asking, “What difference at this point does it make?”

2. The Infamous Private Email Server

It was the “New York Times” who originally discovered the private server at the Clinton’s New York residence; the discovery then led the FBI, the Justice Department and Congress all to open investigations into the matter. Congress and the FBI eventually agreed that Clinton lied on numerous accounts when she claimed that the server was never used to send or receive classified information.

To make matters worse, just days after a subpoena was issued from Congress, Clinton aides proceeded to delete over 30,000 emails using Bleach Bit, some even posting questions on the internet forum Reddit on how to delete such information; the curious aides were later caught deleting those Reddit posts.

Staff members also lost a number of Clinton’s personal devices; one was lost in the mail, and in some cases the staff simply destroyed devices with hammers.

The people involved in these crimes were granted immunity from punishment in exchange for information. When questioned by a public audience about “wiping” the server of the emails, Clinton jokingly responded saying, “What? Like with a cloth?” insisting that she did not know how to delete digital information.

The Department of Justice had also opened an investigation, though not without resistance and some helpful warnings to Clinton. But what made the controversy even more controversial was the day District Attorney Loretta Lynch met privately with former President Bill Clinton on his plane. Though no one can be sure, the two claimed to have only talked about golf and grandchildren.

In what has certainly been a uniquely historic election, the controversy of one candidate will not end at the polls.
Image via the Federalist

Not long after the tarmac rendezvous, the result of the initial investigation by the FBI came to an end. FBI Director James Comey reported to Congress that the bureau would not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, despite the evidence of clear wrongdoing. Comey claimed that there was no sufficient sign of “intent” in mishandling classified information. Following suit, Attorney General Lynch accepted the decision by the FBI to not proceed with the investigation, which was fantastic news for the Clinton campaign, who wanted nothing more than to finally put the email issue behind them.

3. Clinton’s Campaign Manager John Podesta

The Podesta files have almost become an entire issue within themselves, and we are now on the 33rd batch of what is over 50,000 documents released by WikiLeaks regarding the Clinton campaign and its Manager John Podesta.

These emails are interesting to say the least, as they mention issues ranging from poll manipulation to invitations to spirit cooking dinners with Marina Abramovic, who appears to be a Satanist. Oh yeah, this election has gotten weird.

4. The Clinton Foundation

Pay for play and possible quid pro quo are the subjects of concern for the investigation into the eponymous charity foundation. Because of the tremendous weapon shipments sent to these countries, the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are two donors that are of particular interest.

The governments of these two countries have been shown to be financiers of terrorist organizations such as ISIS/L, not to mention they have an atrocious human rights record. Clinton emails have shown that she is aware of the connection to terrorism, yet she still accepts large sums of money from the countries. A good example of this ignominious connection is the birthday gift of one million dollars to Bill Clinton by Qatar.

5. Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner

Managing to dodge the initial year-long FBI investigation into the email issue, Clinton was targeted yet again when the FBI director sent a letter to Congress just eleven days before the election, effectively re-opening the email case due to obtaining an additional 650,000 emails from Clinton’s right-hand woman, Huma Abedin.

In what has certainly been a uniquely historic election, the controversy of one candidate will not end at the polls.
Clinton with Abedin (Image via The Washington Times)

Abedin’s personal computer, which she shared with her husband Anthony Weiner, had been take as evidence to be examined in the criminal case against him. Weiner was recently placed under investigation himself for sexual misconduct with a 15-year-old girl. Upon inspection into his case, the FBI discovered Clinton-related emails on the computer. But just nine days after re-opening the case, or two days before the elections, Comey once again closed the investigation into Hillary, citing no changes. As for Abedin, who had failed to turn over the computer to Congress in the Clinton investigation, she may now face a criminal investigation herself.

If I continue to think about these seemingly endless scandals, my head is going to explode. So I suppose I’ll stop writing about them here. But this is precisely why I predict Hillary Clinton will be president. After witnessing the overt sacrifice of integrity by the press, democratic organizations and institutions of law in an attempt to prop up such a questionable candidate, I feel as though nobody else will be permitted to win.

Should Clinton win, I think it would signify that the United States is in fact a corporate oligarchy, as was concluded in a study by Princeton and Northwestern Universities. But if she loses or if she is impeached shortly after taking office, according to Clinton, I’ll have to blame the Russians.

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