Even though April Fools Day is on April 1 every year, many companies are still able to prank their customers on Twitter (Image via Holidays Calendar)
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Even though April Fools Day is on April 1 every year, many companies are still able to prank their customers on Twitter (Image via Holidays Calendar)

Unfortunately, most products you saw on Twitter on April Fools Day probably aren’t real.

The first day of April has officially arrived, which means it’s finally that time of year to plan out the perfect April Fools Day prank. Thanks to social media, April Fools is a really great opportunity for popular brands to introduce new products or campaigns to customers that’ll make you do a double take.

Without a doubt, companies are getting extremely creative and clever with their April Fools advertisements. After searching #AprilFools on Twitter, here are the top 5 April Fools Day advertisements for 2018.

1. Raising Cane’s debuts their new nail polish color

The popular fast food restaurant decided to sell their famous Cane’s Sauce in more ways than one as an April Fools joke. Raising Cane’s posted an advertisement on Twitter to unveil their brand new nail polish color, Cane’s Sauce.

Undoubtedly, their Cane’s Sauce recipe is a hit among loyal customers, but would it be just as successful as a nail polish color? We may never know because the advertisement is only for April Fools Day!

2. House Rabbit Society’s campaign to rescue the humans

For this April Fool’s Day, House Rabbit Society, an international rescue sanctuary and organization for rabbits, released their new campaign to help prevent people from dropping off unwanted humans at rabbit shelters. The campaign is hilarious and pokes fun at how the daily needs of humans are similar to those of animals.

In fact, some humans may be even more difficult to take care of than rabbits. Because April Fools also falls on Easter this year, their campaign is perfectly festive for both holidays.

3. Real Goldfish®

Goldfish crackers are one of the most iconic snacks, and to make them even more iconic, why not add real gold into the mix? That’s what Goldfish® tweeted out on April Fools Day. The company promised that their Goldfish crackers would be made with REAL gold in the year 2019.

The only catch? It was part of the brand’s April Fools, so, sadly, there will not be any Goldfish crackers made with real gold coming out anytime soon.

4. Taco Bell take over

In the year of 1996, Taco Bell ran multiple advertisements in newspapers about renaming the famous American landmark, the Liberty Bell. Taco Bell said in the ad that they would be renaming it the “Taco Liberty Bell,” which had a lot of Americans convinced that it was true. As a result, many Twitter accounts tweeted about the advertisement in honor of April Fools Day.

5. Uber eats introduces Anti-Aging Ice Cream

Although this one was with #AprilFools, it might not be an actual April Fools joke after all. Just recently, Uber announced that there could be a potential anti-aging ice cream product in the works. By next summer, the company is hoping to release several flavors that all promise anti-aging benefits.

Many people believe this product is too good to be true and just in time for April Fools, but time will only tell if it’s legit or another product hoax.

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