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Underwear is optional (Image via NY Mag)

You gotta understand, bro, that going commando will make you feel in command, yo!

Going commando: The act of not wearing any underwear. Although true, that definition is still quite limiting. The definition of going commando should be more detailed and along the lines of freeing your front and back junk from the wedgie-inducing, boob-suffocating, bacteria-hoarding, sweat-trapping prison that is undergarments.

Definitions aside, commando is awesome; it’s like being naked in public but without the indecency. Plus, no one will know you’re doing it—depending on what you’re wearing—but no matter who can tell, you will see and feel all the following benefits.

1. It’s a Self-Confidence Booster

Underneath clothes, everyone’s naked, but going commando makes you even more naked than everyone else, and wearing less clothing will help you become more comfortable with your body. Ditching the bra may take some getting used to and even appreciating the way you look without it or any other shape wear. Also, if you’re anything like me, it may just make you feel powerful. That’s what going vajayjay alfresco did for me.

I once gave a presentation in my drama class while going commando, which improved my performance because not wearing bras or panties makes me feel confident. Of course, everyone needs a quick increase of self-esteem before speaking in front of their class, and commando may give you just that. I wore nothing under my clothing while presenting in drama class, and the thrill of wearing nothing but a maxi dress in front of everyone made me feel edgy and rebellious, which got me through the assignment.

Screw the whole “imagine the audience in their underwear” mantra, just don’t wear underwear and silently lord it over everybody else! In addition to being comfortable with your body, it can also make you more physically comfortable.

2. No Wedgies

Wedgies happen when underwear rides up your butt, and getting one in public is incredibly embarrassing. Picking at your backside in public looks gross, and can easily make anyone feel the same way. Also, wedgies are uncomfortable, and the worst part is you can get them in the front, too.

When people wear thongs, they don’t always stay in place, which creates discomfort and front wedgies. Regular wedgies occur when your underpants get stuck up your crack; front wedgies are the same but with your labia and vulva. Yeah, they’re just as horrifying as they sound, but they can be avoided with nonederwear. When you set the nethers free, you’re also setting the cheeks free! Undergarments can hurt you below the waist, but they can cramp any area of your style.

3. No Panty Lines

Pretty simple: Your undergarments can’t show through your outfit if you’re not wearing any. In addition to not being able to see panty lines, your panties won’t peek out of your jeans when you sit or bend over, so there’s a bonus. If you wear thongs instead of briefs, you can’t whale tail either.

Briefs and thong imprints can ruin an outfit, but that of bras can too. When you go boobmando, no one can see your bra through your top, and the straps won’t be hanging everywhere because your chest does that instead.

Plus, you don’t have to endure the annoyance that is constantly adjusting your strapless bra. When you do, you pretty much grab your boobs in public and then once your bra’s in place, you pretend nothing happened and hope no one saw you. Not wearing undies can not only save your style, but it can also save you some cash.

4. Save Money on the Laundry

I’m a broke college student, so I try to do laundry as little as possible since the cost adds up. I only wash my clothes when I go home for long weekends and holidays, or on the rare occasion where I run out of underwear. In general, people acknowledge having no clean underwear as a sign saying “it’s time to wash your clothes,” but who needs clean underwear when you could just not wear underwear?

When you go commando, not only will you have clean underwear when you need it, but you’ll have little to no use for it. Going secretary allows you to procrastinate the laundry, which lets you spend less on things like detergent, campus washing machines, and fabric softener. Plus you’ll be saved from the horror of wearing the same pair of underwear more than once before washing it, which can affect your skin’s health.

5. Prevent Infections

A Bustle interview with Dr. Carolyn A. DeLucia, an American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (FACOG), stated the vagina needs to air out and not wearing underwear helps it do so. The more layers of clothing you wear, the warmer the genital area becomes and the underwear traps discharge and sweat down there, which makes it easier to get infections. Going panty-free also helps yeast infections clear up since it lets moisture out instead. However, some underwear styles do more harm than others.

A particularly dangerous undergarment is thongs, because even though they’re launched up your derriere all day, they can still shift around, which allows anal and fecal bacteria to travel to the vagina, increasing the risk of yeast infections. Also, bacteria from the genital area can go to the anus, which also causes infections. In short, by free-butting, you’ll be free of infections, but you’ll also be free in general.

6. You Just Feel Free

Hey, free boobs/balls/vag are building blocks for a free spirit. Going commando is a freedom that no one can take from you. Think about it: Your school or workplace can give you a dress code, but they can’t tell you what underpants to wear or not wear.

Although no one can dictate your boxer or brief choices, it still makes you feel rebellious, and hey, you can’t spell freeballin’ without ballin’, and you don’t have to have balls to be a baller.

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