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Spending Your Summer Without Spending Your Money

Eight free things to do over the summer.

With the end of school just around the corner, you might find it difficult to stop yourself from spending hours imagining what you’ll do with your upcoming free time. Even if you have to work one of those notoriously awful summer jobs, when you eliminate the usual tasks of homework and meetings the extra time you’ll have is incredible.

However, just because you will have a plethora of extra time doesn’t mean you’ll have the never-ending resources to spend money every day on fun activities.

As a broke college student, I looked into what I could do over the summer while still saving money. There are certainly a lot of options out there, but one recurring idea was to learn juggling.

I don’t have anything against the art of juggling, I just think we can do better.

So, if you’re looking to have a fun-filled summer without spending much money, I’ve got a few ideas for you.

1. Movie marathons

A marathon of your favorite movies! Does life get any better? Movie marathons are a great way to enjoy a relaxing, do-nothing day at home with your friends or family.

The best thing about watching movies all day is that you can have different themes. There are no rules for a day filled with movies. Why not pick a type of movie and watch only movies in that genre? Or you could pick a specific actor’s movies to watch, or a movie series like “Harry Potter” or “Lord of the Rings?”

There are so many great ways to make the day interesting. And the only thing you have to buy is the food. Unless, of course, you just want to rummage through the random items left in your fridge. I’m not passing any judgement.

2. Day at the lake

Maybe you aren’t close to a lake, but if you are I definitely recommend a few lake days. Lakes are a much better option than wasting your precious money at a public pool or water park, because you don’t have to deal with the extra, typically obnoxious people, and you don’t have to adjust to their opening and closing hours.

A lake day means you can assemble a squad of people you actually like, grab the necessary items for sandwiches and spend the entire day doing whatever you want.

The beauty of the day is you only have to spend it with the people you want to be around.

3. Concerts

Now, you might be thinking, Concerts aren’t free?

When I say concerts, I’m not referring to the Justin Bieber concert you so desperately wanted tickets for. Performers are everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open for them.

Oftentimes, parks will give free concerts and welcome anyone who wants to come. You even just check out the hipster coffee shop down the road. Artists usually just want to get their name out to the public, so they likely won’t charge you.

Sure, they may not be the next big hit, but at least they have heart. And you’re guaranteed to have a good time with some friends.

4. Hiking

The weather is going to be wonderful and warm, why not spend as much time as you can outdoors? Hiking is a great pastime that requires practically no money. Half of the fun is in finding different hiking trails in your area.

Plus, just think of all of the calories you’d burn. Healthy and happy, is there anything better?

Well, besides food of course.

5. Camping

And if you’re hiking, why not just keep the great day going and bring along some camping gear. Camping with friends is cheap and oh so fun. In a way it’s like a staycation, but so much better. You may only be 20 miles from your house, but if you camp you’ll feel like you actually spent some money to go somewhere.

Besides, nothing says summer like roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

6. Impromptu photo shoot

Interested in being a basic white girl? Using your iPhone for impromptu photo shoots with your best friends is a blast.

I mean, I do this even when I’m still in school, so why would I stop now? You don’t have to pay anything, but you get some killer pictures at the end of the day.

There are bound to be some places in town you can discover with some kind of unseen beauty for your pictures. The town is your canvas.

7. Start a blog

Do you have the creative itch? Do you believe your words of wisdom deserve to be shared with the world? You may as well take the time you’ve been given to start the blog you’ve always known you should.

Go ahead, spread your wisdom, funny stories, life advice and cat videos with all of the cyber world. Don’t they all deserve to experience it?

In all seriousness though, blogs are a nice way to pass the time and they don’t cost any money. They also don’t have any restrictions. You can write about whatever your heart desires, a freedom you don’t often receive in college.

8. Read

Maybe the idea of spending your free time reading only applies to avid book worms like myself, but I have a mountain of books I have bought over the school year and they are just begging to be read.

Summer is the time when I make a long list of all of the books I want to read, the ones I want to buy and the ones I want to read again.

So, challenge yourself. Maybe you could read a book a week. Just think about how intelligent you’ll sound when you get back to school in the fall.

Reading is the perfect way to live adventurously while never leaving your couch. Thus, there’s effectively no cost.


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