7 Tips How to Spend Your Summer Holidays

Make the most of your summers, they won't last forever!
June 29, 2017
5 mins read

The summer holidays can be long and can get quite boring and repetitive if you end up doing the same things. However there are plenty of different things you can do during the summer holidays that are productive, fun and exciting.

1. Volunteer

Want to be productive over the summer? There are plenty of volunteering opportunities available where you can help people whilst being productive and still have plenty of fun too. But what exactly can you do? You can help coach a youth sports team and help them achieve greatness – if you love sport, this could be the volunteer placement for you. Likewise, you could deliver meals to people who cannot get out to get groceries – these companies are always crying out for volunteers to help them with such work. If you have a particular skill, then why not put it to good use? Some people choose to knit items for premature babies and newborns. There is so much voluntary work you can do to keep yourself busy over the summer holidays.

2. Travel

What would summer holidays be without some travelling? There are many things you can do over the summer that incorporate travel and other activities too. Perhaps you’ve once considered studying abroad – why not give it a try? Or maybe you have wondered how working abroad would work? You could even give that a try! There is literally so much you can do to keep yourself busy in the summer.

3. Earn

Want to keep busy and earn some extra money towards your fun activities this summer? There are plenty of summertime work opportunities where you can have fun and keep busy whilst also having the pleasure of seeing your bank account balance grow.

Perhaps you can sell your unused and unwanted stuff – if you aren’t using it, sell it to someone who will use it. If you’re talented and creative, maybe harness your creativity and create work that you can sell.

You could maybe even think more outside the box to earn some cash – pet sit for people in your local area, sell plasma if your local area allows. Perhaps your creative side can see you creating web space for someone or virtual assisting them on some tasks that they may need doing but don’t have the time to do. The list truly is endless.

4. Learn

Expanding our knowledge is so important and this is something you could definitely do over the summer holidays. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to complete a reading list – now you have the perfect opportunity to do so.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn something else. Whilst you may not be able to learn an instrument or a new language completely in such a short space of time, you can definitely put the first steps into place in learning them.

5. Challenge

Why not challenge yourself to do something different? Perhaps you want to train for a long distance race or you want to give online dating a try – perhaps on a site like quick flirt). If there is something you have always wanted to do, why not challenge yourself at doing it and see if you can possibly complete it?

6. Educate Yourself

You may not be in school but you can still do school things if you so wish. There are bound to be some extra classes available during the summer holidays so why not give them a try and polish them up on your skills?

You could even apply for scholarships for the future or maybe even research for the future too. You may also want to consider improving on your important skills such as writing and typing.

7. Be Earthly

Finally, you could possibly choose to do things that will help and impact the Earth. You could take the time to plant fruit and vegetables and become as self-sustainable as possible. You could try to be more ‘green’ by using your car less and walking and cycling more.

You don’t have to do such strenuous things as this though. You could even do some simple things such as opting out of junk mail to reduce paper waste or recycling your old batteries or similar items so they can be reused. Have fun!

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