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Give your brain a break — it's earned it. (Image via Pixabay)

Need to give your brain a rest after some intense studying?

New students often make one of two major mistakes when it comes to independent learning: Most common is the temptation to leave everything to the last minute, relying on energy drinks and almost superhuman levels of concentration to complete an assignment given to you months ago. The other is to over-commit and spend far too much time focused on independent study, inhibiting your ability to learn and impacting your mental health. The best way to study is in small chunks, intersecting your bookish exploits with regular breaks so that your brain can absorb new ideas while still keeping your mind fresh.

Study breaks won’t be a new concept to many of you, but using mobile slots as a study break certainly will be. Read on to find out how these simple games could help in breaking your studying down into bitesize chunks and keep your brain primed to ingest new facts and theories.

Why Mobile Slots?

The mind is just like any other organ in the body — if you overwork it, it quickly becomes tired and in need of a rest. If you had recently taken up running and overdone it on the treadmill, you would quite rightly prescribe yourself a few days rest from physical exercise.

With your mind you do not have that luxury: You can’t simply turn off your brain and let it rest. Instead, you have to find activities that allow your brain to effectively shut off and your thoughts to calm down.

Mobile slots are a terrific way to do that. These games require relatively little thinking, but they do stimulate your brain and keep your thoughts from wandering off. When you’re resting your brain after a long period of studying or contemplating new theories, this is exactly what you need.

Mobile slots are also fun, and by playing them your body will release dopamine into your brain, stimulating your reward center. Using mobile slots as a regular break from studying will hardwire your brain into associating study with reward and pleasure, making your next study session seem a lot less daunting.

Making the Most of Mobile Slots

You have to remember that you are using mobile slots as a nice getaway from studying, to rest your mind and boost your mood. Therefore it’s important not to get caught up on spending lots of money playing mobile slots.

It may be tempting to start putting lots of money into mobile slots, but that will defeat the purpose of playing, which is relaxation. Instead, find a mobile slot to play for free or one that you can wager a small amount on, maybe a few pennies per spin, etc.

Finally, Plan It Out

People often scoff at study timetables, but done correctly they are invaluable to students. Make sure you factor your mobile slots time into your study plan to make sure you don’t detract from studying and get caught up playing for longer than you should.

Also, make your study timetable as realistic as possible. Don’t put pressure on yourself by setting out to do four hours of study when you really only have the capacity to do half of that. Instead be fair on yourself and results will follow.

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