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Seriously though, you have to stop skipping classes. (Image via Pixabay)

One hint: You have to stop skipping classes.

You can have a bright personality with a creative mind and lots of other gifts, but as long as you’re in school, grades are the only criterion for evaluating your academic achievements. When your average marks are “A,” “B+,” or even “B,” there’s nothing to worry about. But what if they mainly hover around “F, “D” and “C” without ever going higher? How can you become a brilliant student?

Here are some tips that will help you achieve better results in your studies and, consequently, get much better grades.

If you want to raise your performance, you will have to change your studying habits. What should you start with?

1. Stop Skipping Classes

It might sound obvious, but you can’t learn if you’re not there. Even if you are afraid to get a bad grade again, missing lessons will make things worse. When you start attending them regularly, you will gain many advantages:

— First, you will show your teacher that you are serious and responsible.

— Secondly, you will be aware of what the other students discuss in class and you won’t be an outsider anymore.

— Thirdly, you will understand how to do the assignments that are not exactly clear to you.

2. Find a Person You Admire

Sometimes role models can help. They can be of a famous singer, a film star or a well-off relative. When you want to be like someone you respect, your motivation and desire to reach the same fantastic results increase. Consequently, you will have a good reason to work harder and make your studies the number one priority for your own self-development.

3. Participate actively in every lesson

Being silent, timid and shy in class can hardly be a winning strategy when your marks are lower than you want. Try out another approach: Ask questions, take part in discussions and express your ideas. In all likelihood, your teachers will appreciate your enthusiasm and you might get a couple of extra points for getting more involved in your studies.

4. Talk to your teachers

That’s what office hours are for. Explain what difficulties you have with particular subjects and ask for advice. A friendly conversation is better than a passive-aggressive confrontation. During a 10-minute talk, your teachers might give you practical tips and explain how to prepare assignments the right way. As a result, you might be able to transform someone ambivalent toward you into a friend.

5. Complete Additional Tasks

Go the extra mile. Prepare a report, write an article review or make a speech. Teachers like when students take initiative and will praise you for this.

6. Try Out New Ways of Learning Things

For example, if you have issues with learning certain terms, write them down on cards and lay out these pieces of paper around your room. Each time you come across a new word on a card, you will have a nice opportunity to revise it.

7. Train Your Memory

The ability to remember things quickly will let you spend less time on studies. Learn short verses on weekends, try to recollect as many details of a picture as you can after looking at it for 30 seconds or tell somebody about your day backward. These simple exercises will help your concentration and improve your memory.

8. Take Notes

Make it your habit to not only listen during classes, but also write down the most important details. This way, you won’t forget what the teacher was talking about during the lesson. Also, you will know for sure what you should keep in mind when doing your homework.

9. Spend More Time for Reviewing

Although you might understand a topic well, spend 20-30 minutes to review it. Go over a corresponding paragraph in a book or consider the notes in your textbook a second time. By doing this, you will have better comprehension of the material, and you’ll be ready to answer your teacher’s questions on it. You’ll be surprised what you missed the first time around. 

10. Figure Out What Your Weak Points Are

Be honest with yourself and analyze which of your skills you should improve on. Select the best way to sharpen them. For example, if you know you haven’t read all the books from the syllabus, get the necessary ones in the library and start reading them whenever you have free time. If you have trouble with writing essays, search for practical tips on how to make them better. Due to such a thorough approach, you will eliminate the obstacles you might have with your studies.

11. Ask for Help

We bet you have good friends who can explain complicated issues to you, show how to get ready for a test or prepare for other difficult tasks. This way, you will fill in the blanks of your knowledge in the blink of an eye.

12. Stop Procrastinating 

Sometimes, when your assignment is a challenging one, you might have the temptation to put it aside for a while and come back to it later. Here, you may get trapped. The thing is, each time you choose to procrastinate, the number of tasks you have to take care of will grow. This is why you should do your homework regularly.

13. Study Systematically 

Select two subjects that you struggle the most with. Focus on them for one week. Then proceed with two other subjects. You might begin with general courses (English, literature, history, geography, etc.) and gradually move to more specific ones (algebra, geometry, chemistry, biology, etc.). In a month’s time, you will witness significant changes in your achievements and academic rating. 

14. Jump at the Chance for “Extras”

Use every chance to get better at various subjects. If, for example, there are extra lessons or tutorials, don’t hesitate to attend them. Essential practice will do you good.

15. Hire a Private Tutor

In case you want to keep things private, talk to your parents and search for a competent teacher or instructor you can trust. After taking classes from someone, you can get some solid knowledge in a subject.

Even though you might have difficulties with your studies, try to stay positive. A cheerful attitude will give you the strength to cope with problems and reach your desired goals.

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Though your grades may be lower than you expect, by following our advice, you will know how to improve them. Hopefully, very soon you will enjoy your studies and become one of the best students in your class.

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