Easy Ways to Make Money While You Study

Sorry, it's still not as easy as winning the lottery though.
June 27, 2019
4 mins read

The image of the broke college student exists for a reason; so many young adults across the U.S. live off of ramen for dinner and cigarettes and coffee for breakfast while trying to focus on their studies. More money would be nice, of course, but a lot of people can’t commit to the inflexible schedules of a full-time job. Everyone dreams of making a passive income like billionaires out in the Hamptons, but if that’s not in the cards for you, there’s always other ways of making some extra cash in your spare time.   

1. Cryptocurrency

Yes, it might be a little cliched by now, but buying and selling cryptocurrency and other forms of e-trading can be a great way for you to make some money — if you have the stomach for it. You definitely need to do your research, but once you’ve found your feet in the world, you can make a killing with the right moves. One of the benefits of trading in crypto is that there aren’t set market hours like traditional stock markets. You can fit in trading between classes, during breaks from a Netflix binge, or maybe just while waiting for your torrents to finish loading; it’s ideal to fit around a busy class schedule. If you have the guts for it, put on a DVD to play in the background, load up your computer or mobile device, check out the current cryptocurrency prices and start planning a way to “dip in.”

2. Copywriting and Editing

This is especially good if you’re an English major, but even if you just have a way with words, maybe consider copywriting. If you’re going to be writing anyway, why not try to make some money at the same time? Finding a steady position as a copywriter might be difficult for a college student, but there are plenty of gig economy, freelance writing jobs. Most of them pay you money to write short articles. Keep a lookout on Craigslist or Fiverr, but keep in mind, you absolutely need to be careful to avoid the scams. Make sure to do the research, and avoid the obvious ads that are mass-posted in every city’s “writing” jobs section.

3. Selling Your Stuff

Many people try take college as an opportunity to reinvent themselves. Maybe it’s trying a new style or just exploring a part of themselves that they’ve kept hidden. Regardless, this new reinvention could leave a lot of unwanted stuff behind. Whether it’s old clothes or vinyl records that you’re now embarrassed by, you could always try selling it. Take your things down to the swap meet or do a garage sale with friends; if you don’t like getting out of bed, though, there’s always Craigslist or second-hand websites like Depop. You can sell any clothes or goods you don’t want and build up a little budget to help keep exploring the new avenues you’ve discovered about yourself.

Being a student teaches you some important skills about handling money but that doesn’t mean that you have to struggle from month to month. Choosing quick and easy ways to make money which you can balance around your college commitments can teach you a wide range of skills. Start thinking about your unique skills and what niches you can use to start making money today. Who could say no to a little extra in your bank balance each month?

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