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20 Best Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Brands To Know Right Now

Look good while helping out the planet.
January 13, 2021
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In recent years, men and women have been seeking out sustainable clothing brands. Unfortunately, the fashion industry has a detrimental impact on our environment. Manufacturing apparel wastes an excessive amount of water and emits greenhouse gasses, making it a major polluter. However, there are many environmentally conscious ethical companies worth exploring. To help you build the eco-friendly wardrobe of your dreams, we’ve compiled a list of the best sustainable clothing brands. From Reformation to Patagonia, shop these fair trade and ethical fashion brands to find trendy apparel you’ll love wearing.

Stella McCartney

According to TopTrendsGuide, Stella McCartney is one of the most recognizable slow fashion brands. The company’s namesake and founder, Stella McCartney, is a vocal environmentalist and animal rights activist. Since establishing her company in 1995, the designer has ensured that her brand is in line with her core values. Stella, who is a vegetarian, does not use leather in her designs and instead, opts for recycled polyester, which has a much lower environmental impact. The brand manufactures durable, timeless clothing that won’t be thrown out after only a few wears.

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It’s safe to say that most people own at least one pair of Levi’s. It’s been a staple of Americana fashion since the 1800s. One reason that the iconic company has stood the test of time is that it constantly adapts to the needs of its customers. For almost 30 years, the company has been focused on ensuring the production of their clothing is both ethical and sustainable. One way the company has been doing so is by utilizing the Water<Less technique to lessen their environmental impact.


Just five years ago Kit Willow established the luxury brand Kitx. In that relatively short amount of time, the designer has been experimenting with renewable materials. For instance, she has been using a fabric made from both silk and viscose in her designs.


Since its launch in 2009, clothing from the Los Angeles-based brand Reformation has been a staple in every cool girl’s closet. The company is perhaps best known for its chic dresses, although its other minimalist pieces are also popular. From the start of her career, Reformation’s founder Yael Aflalo, a former model, has consistently been against the wastefulness of the fashion industry. Reformation manufactures its clothing sustainably and uses materials like TENCEL Modal. As a slow fashion brand according to TheGoodTrade, the company has reduced its water waste, is energy efficient, and utilizes recycled materials.

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The Swedish activewear brand Morphosis manufactures durable, lightweight workout wear made from recycled bottles. Not only is the company ethical and sustainable, but it is also philanthropic and donates a percentage of its proceeds.


Patagonia has been a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts since the 1970s. The eco-friendly company is known for its durable garments that will withstand wear and tear from hiking, rock climbing or mountain biking. With a commitment to support movements for change, Patagonia is a fashion brand you can be proud to support.

Amour Vert

The Los Angeles-based company Amour Vert manufactures its garments at local factories to ensure that their materials are both sustainable and substantial. Not only is the company environmentally conscious, but it also produces pieces that are both chic and comfortable.

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People Tree

Even though People Tree was founded nearly 30 years ago, the brand’s values regarding sustainability have stayed the same. The company utilizes eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, Merino Wool and TENCEL Lyocell. While many of the company’s designs are rather playful and bold, it also offers minimalistic pieces like its Terra Jumpsuit and Celeste Trousers In Black.


London-based brand Thought is known for its chic, contemporary pieces made from eco-friendly material, like hemp and organic cotton. The ethical brand offers clothing, for both men and women, that are suitable for work and play.

Misha Nonoo

After relaunching her company in 2017, Misha Nonoo decided to partner with an ethical manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. This year, the brand also took steps in becoming zero-waste by utilizing sustainable fabrics. The company, known for its chic workwear, has amassed quite an impressive clientele. One of the brand’s most recognizable fans is Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.


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Eileen Fisher

Since its founding in 1984, Eileen Fisher has been one of the leading brands in sustainable fashion. The company’s timeless pieces are made with durable, organic materials. Both stylish and environmentally friendly, Eileen Fisher is a popular ethical apparel company worth buying from.


Outerknown was a collaborative effort by pro-surfer Kelly Slater and designer John Moore. The company manufactures chic beach attire, like midi dresses and light-weight corduroy shorts. The brand utilizes both organic and recycled materials for its clothing.


If you are an athlete who is looking for ways to be sustainable, consider shopping at the Certified B-Corp company Athleta. In April 2019, the brand announced that 60% of their designs are made from sustainable fibers.


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The Nashville-based company Able produces ethically sourced garments and accessories. Each piece is exquisitely designed and reasonably priced. The brand’s items, specifically their leather goods, are also durable and affordable.


Tradlands offers sophisticated designs with the working woman in mind. The brand’s refined garments are made from natural materials and are total wardrobe staples. The brand’s most popular pieces include the Shelter Cardigan and the Finn Jumpsuit.

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman may be best known for her fearless use of color in her whimsical designs. However, she is also one of the most celebrated sustainable fashion designers. In March 2019, Hoffman received the “Leading the Change” Champions of Sustainability Award by Unifi.


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The French brand Sézane has made Parisian style sustainable. In addition to ethical manufacturing practices, 70% of the materials used by the company are considered environmentally friendly. The brand intends to increase that number by 10% by 2021 while continuing to give back to the communities it has a presence in.


The high-end brand Monsoon, based in the UK, is slowly, but surely becoming the face of eco-friendly, ethical fashion. The company makes both clothes for women and children. Monsoon is making strides to lessen its carbon emissions and water waste by utilizing sustainable materials.

Outdoor Voices

With its minimalist designs and dedication to sustainability, Outdoor Voices is a favorite among conscious customers who enjoy wearing activewear. Each garment, from yoga pants to sports bras, are created with longevity in mind, allowing customers to save money and reduce their environmental impact.

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Browns Conscious Edit

The retailer Brown made shopping sustainably a bit easier by launching its Conscious Edit in 2019. The curated collection includes pieces from high-end designers like Stella McCartney, Pour Les Femmes and RE/DONE.

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