Vine is a good source of stress relief for every stressed-out student's soul (Image via Variety)

8 Vines Every College Student Can Relate To

If you just finished your third tub of ice cream out of stress, it’s time to check out these Vines for a healthier and more waistline-friendly therapy.

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Vine is a good source of stress relief for every stressed-out student's soul (Image via Variety)

If you just finished your third tub of ice cream out of stress, it’s time to check out these Vines for a healthier and more waistline-friendly therapy.

College students live in a constant state of panic, cramming for exams, pushing deadlines for essays and harassing group members to work on a project. They always seek ways to relieve the pressure and to silence the annoying voice in their head telling them to do homework instead of socializing or sleeping. In those times of great struggles, Vine comes in handy.

Even though it was officially killed by Twitter a year ago, Vine’s six-second video clips and compilations are still thriving on YouTube. When the stresses of school get you down, Vine is always there to pick your exhausted, caffeine-filled body right back up.

OMG! Can you see that? #shorts #rel...
OMG! Can you see that? #shorts #relaxing

So, forget about the student loans and future all-nighters and cheer yourself up with an amusing and fun-filled list of relatable Vines for the college experience.

1. Oh My God I Love Chipotle

Oh my god I love chipotle.

Chipotle is a staple of the college student diet, along with coffee and ramen. They offer a reliably delicious meal for a reasonable price despite the endless lines during the lunch rush. It is absolutely understandable how the little boy in the video can come up with the exclamation “Oh my god I love Chipotle. Chipotle is my life” with such strong emotions.

Countless students can relate to his sentiment as I have heard this exact quote on my frequent visits to the restaurant. There’s nothing better than packing every single ingredient into the stretchy flour tortilla until a mouthwatering multi-pound burrito forms.

You gently carry your newborn burrito baby to the table and then tear into it with the ferocity of a starving shark finding a feast in a whale carcass. Seasoned chicken and rice with crunchy lettuce, cool tomatoes and sour cream, and don’t forget the best guacamole in any chain restaurant. So, yes, Chipotle is a student’s life.

2. And They Were Roommates 

and they were roomates

Everyone has experienced an insane roommate story, or at least heard one from a friend of a friend of a friend about the infamous roommate who ate all the food or used up the hot water. Will anyone ever know what those roommates did? Were they dating? Was it something crazy? It may forever be a mystery.

At least the experiences of irritating, crazy and surprising roommates is not unique, and you can always vent to others about bad experiences. After all, horrible roommates are an integral aspect of the university experience.

3. My Teacher Is Toooo Funny

Is anyone ever really prepared for an exam? Most of the time you skim through classes, doing the bare minimum to pass the assignments. Maybe you fell asleep during a few lectures or decided to shop the daily deals on Amazon instead, only to say yourself “we did not learn this sh*t this year.”

You know, that feeling of going along with the simple lectures in a class only to realize later that there were more topics to study and now the practice exam looks like a bunch of indecipherable hieroglyphics.

4. College in Six Seconds

One of the worst parts about sitting through a lecture — other than its mind-numbing effects and your struggle to combat the urge to scroll Facebook out of sheer boredom — is trying to take notes. The six-second video captures perfectly the frustration of noting down everything when the professor is speeding along with no knowledge of the panic rippling through the students.

While this issue is seen more often with lengthy PowerPoints (a lot easier to change the slide then erasing and writing everything) than dry erase boards, it is by no means gone. Hopefully your professors put their PowerPoints online.

5. I Ain’t Get No Sleep ‘Cause of Yall

An iconic and memorable vine, bitterly banging pans together to wake up roommates who never let you sleep is a too familiar feeling. Loud roommates who cook in the kitchen at 3 a.m. or play video games at all hours with no headphones. Neighbors throwing parties every Friday and Saturday night and blasting club music until the walls of your bedroom shake isn’t conducive to a restful sleep.

Sometimes, when lying awake at night because your roommate has decided to watch “The Office” with the speakers on for the third time, you envision banging pots in front of their face as they sleep. Maybe they will finally understand what no sleep before an exam is like.

6. I Don’t Really Want to Do the Work Today

Firebringer | I don't really want to do the work today

While it wasn’t originally a Vine, this video resembles the inner thoughts of every college student, making it a perfect example of a vine that ripples through the student society. The song is from the production of “Firebringer” by StarKid, a group of artists who create accessible theater by uploading recordings of their productions to YouTube.

No one wants to write that paper or finish that group project. Procrastination is a slippery slope and not doing the work today may lead to only doing the work the night its due. The laptop is sitting on the desk waiting for work to be done, but an ice cream and a binge-watch session is calling me too.

7. Have You Had a Nap Today?

This Vine was also originally from a different source, “Americas Funniest Home Video.” Here is a brother telling his sister that she needs a nap while she is having a breakdown.

Pretty accurate to college life it is; work, clubs, exams and homework often take all the time available, making sleep a luxury and irritation a frequent visitor. Many students nap with the frequency of a 3-year-old in daycare since, after all, they need every second of sleep they can squeeze out of their hectic schedule.

8. I Am in College I Am Not Good

I am in college I am not good - by Sarah Schauer

This one’s a bit more on the nose compared to the other Vines, but it is, of course, accurate to university students. In the video, the Viner comically says that as a student, her resting heart rate registers as a panic attack with all the pressure from homework, projects and personal life.

Not a very welcoming sight it may seem, but the video is still entertaining as it is relatable to all the students and their struggles.

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