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Make your day a little easier (and the planet a little happier) with this novel form of transportation.

Gen Z could be the harbingers of a new era of sustainability and safety. If an e-scooter for adults will appeal to anyone, it will likely be college students residing on campus. From laws to design to functionality, these micro-mobility vehicles seem like they were invented for the youth. The pro-green movement is gaining traction through the voices of the young generation.

This article has found 5 valid reasons why you must get yourself an e-scooter now!

1. Mobility

Everyone knows how fast and furious university life can be. From attending classes, to submitting assignments, doing research and attending social events, there are a hundred places you have got to be. Time is scarce and precious — we get it. E-scooters are easy to park, can be folded and kept in a corner or carried up to your room. You are also less likely to miss out on your workouts if you have a fun ride to make you jump out of your coop corner.

2. Laws

Electric scooter Australia laws allow electric scooters to go above 10km/h up to 25km/h in speed, but other states keep it strictly below 10km/h. Some states will also allow electric scooters on public roads and footpaths while others can only be used on private properties. So electric scooter laws in Australia will vary in different states. Here are some state laws below:

NSW (New South Wales) – Electric scooters are strictly forbidden on public roads and footpaths, but they are allowed on private properties.

VIC (Victoria) – Electric scooters are legal as long as they are within a power output of 200W and a strict speed limit of 10km/h.

QLD (Queensland) – You can get a speedy electric scooter that can run up to 25km/h compared to the states limited to 10km/h.

SA (South Australia) – Allows electric scooters to be used within private property. Aside from private use, SA has also allowed riders to use the shared units owned by permitted operators in the City of Adelaide as a trial.

Besides the above state laws, there are some default rules for e-scooters, like a minimum age of 18 to ride on main roads in some states. Owning a provisional driving license is mandatory too in some territories.

3. Safety

Riding an e-scooter with your helmet on and other safety gear can make it quite safe to be driven around even at a speed of 25 km/h. As long as you are vigilant about traffic rules and respond to those around you on the streets or roads, you can be sure you are being safe.

You just have to go sober, slow, and street-savvy while riding an e-scooter. Helmets, knee pads and gloves are some accessories that you should consider buying to protect you from any possible accidents.

4. Gen Z for Sustainability

With the climate crisis around the corner, finding sustainable alternatives for transportation is an inevitable task ahead of us. The generation now is quite aware of the need to change and adapt as quickly as possible. E-scooters are carbon neutral and many are fully recyclable. In some countries, e-scooter companies have joined up with universities to provide rent/share services, which is a great initiative. Government subsidies on EV production is a big motivation for universities to introduce this on campus.

5. Hop On Hop Off

The busy student can’t be bothered to park their cars over and over again at college, cafes, or when you hang out with your friends or on your daily trips to the gym. E-scooters are different, however; maneuvering is easy through narrow lanes. E-scooters for adults are a good investment if you are living on campus and looking for an easy-on-your-pocket, energy-efficient commuter vehicle. Check out e-Glide — a range of electric scooters that cost around $799. They are quite portable and available in solid tires as well as air-filled tires with trendy designs perfect for university students.

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