This Weekend, Yeezy, Lil Wayne and Logic Drop the Holy Trinity of Album Releases

Hip-hop fans must have done something right.
September 28, 2018
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Starting today, a holy trifecta of hip-hop albums are being released in succession, and each one has enough hype to last well beyond the weekend.

In order of release, here’s a description of the three highly anticipated albums dropping one after the other, and everything you need to know to prepare your ears.

Lil Wayne – Tha Carter V

The anticipation for this album has been an intense six-year process. Lil Wayne’s original plan was to release “Tha Carter V” in 2012 as his final solo album, preceding a young retirement. Instead, in 2015 Lil Wayne sued Birdman and Cash Money Records over unpaid royalties, and it wasn’t till this past month that the two reached an agreement and settlements were finally made.

The album is rumored to be produced with collaboration from Metro Boomin, who has come in and out of retirement. While much of the track list is still a secret, Wayne confirmed that his heart and soul has been poured into this extended project.The album cover features a hand over a red background, with “The World” written upside down on the palm.


The infamous album will also be accompanied by a merchandise collection created with the mastery of 14 different designers, one of whom is Hebron Preston. The merchandise will be released over nine days, each batch of items only available the 24 hours of the day they are posted.

In three Instagram videos Lil Wayne confirmed the release date was a memorable one, saying, “I will be releasing Tha Carter V on my birthday.” Wayne then joked, “If you don’t know when my birthday is, Wikipedia does. Wiki me bish.”

Release: Sept. 27

Logic – YSIV

Logic’s next project in a busy summer will be “YSIV,” which stands for “Young Sinatra Volume 4,” and it already has fans claiming it’s his best album yet. The rapper held an exclusive listening party and people’s responses were very promising. Listeners described it as being “incredible and beautiful” and evoking “a whole range of emotions.”


The 14-piece track list for the album was released this past Monday and brags collabs with Wu Tang Clan, Jaden Smith, Wale and more. Logic has also described “YSIV” as being a shout-out to his younger flow-style, for those who prefer “old” Logic.

In a freestyle, he claimed this album will “bringing that boom bap back,” referencing the boom bap drum style made popular in ’90s hip-hop.

Release date: Sept. 28

Kanye West – YANDHI

West knows how to keep himself relevant in the media, and he’s done so all year, for better or for worse. 2018 has already been a big release year for Yeezy, with his eighth studio album, “Ye,” and third and fourth collaborative albums, “KIDS SEE GHOSTS” and “Good Ass Job.” This most recent album however, labeled “YANDHI,” is reminiscent of “YEEZUS.” Other than the similarly narcissistic and religiously related titles, the two albums will likely have similar album covers.


West has posted sneak peeks of what may be the cover of “YANDHI” on his Instagram, and it has the similar holographic MiniDisc with purple tape, similar to the red-taped CD that accompanied “Yeezus.”

The track list itself is fairly elusive, but the artists rumored to possibly be featured on the album include Chance the Rapper, Lil Pump, 6ix9ine and Young Thug. The drop date is appropriately the same day that West will be featured on “Saturday Night Live”’s 44th season opener, hosted by Adam Driver.

Release: Sept. 29

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