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Five of the Best Cities to Visit in Georgia

Experience the hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems of the South.
November 4, 2022
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Georgia is a state of contradictions. From the ultra-liberal university towns and cities to the conservative heartlands, the Peach State has it all. It is the largest state east of the Mississippi River and combines modern urban areas with outstanding natural beauty. Georgia sports betting is not really on the agenda yet but there is plenty to do and see for young adults looking for an interesting vacation. Many more are moving to Georgia to experience all it has to offer for creative and enterprising types. Here are five places we think are well worth checking out if you find yourself in this beautiful part of the country.


Lying just across the Savannah River on the eastern edge of Georgia, Augusta’s population exploded at the beginning of the 21st century. Surrounded by natural beauty, the city itself has steadily attracted interest over the past 20 years. One of the main attractions is the low cost of living compared to other cities. Unemployment is also below the national average – a factor that attracts a lot of young people looking to find their way in the world. Bustling art and food scenes also make this a destination to check out – especially if you enjoy warm weather.


This is one of the cities in Georgia that you hear about even if you know nothing more about the state. A historical and architectural mecca, Savannah is actually the oldest city in the Peach State, and has been home to an important Atlantic seaport for almost 300 years. The downtown district is full of bars and restaurants and there are plenty of diverse neighborhoods well worth exploring. Business opportunities attract a lot of young people – as does the low cost of living compared to the national average.


Just 70 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta, Athens has its own distinct vibe – thanks in part to its status as a college town. The University of Georgia is based here, which provides a lot of the cultural highlights in the city. The downtown area is an intoxicating environment; featuring a mix of music venues and bars. Athens has a rich musical history, as it was a particularly important city in the early years of alternative rock and new wave. R.E.M. Furthermore, the modern music scene is still thriving. Nevertheless, Athens is more than just a college town, it also has a number of impressive museums and parks – and plenty of Georgia green space on its borders.


Another border city, Columbus occupies the western edge of the state, neighboring Alabama. Whereas Savannah is known for its history and Athens is known for its music, Columbus is the city that encapsulates all the best bits of every city in Georgia. It is about the same size as Augusta and is home to enough museums, venues and shopping districts to keep anyone busy. If you enjoy watersports, the whitewater kayaking on the Chattahoochee River is some of the best in the world.


Although all of the big cities in Georgia have their distinct charm, there is no escaping the fact that most of the young people drawn to this part of the world are headed to Atlanta. Job prospects in the city are very good, and there is a remarkably low unemployment rate; many people are attracted to the large media and aviation businesses in the city. Music plays a big part in the everyday experience of Atlanta natives, and the venues and bars are as diverse as they are prevalent. The food scene is also one of the best in the South – if not the entire country – it caters to everyone, especially if you like barbecue.

With over 6 million people living in the metro area, Atlanta suburbs are forming their own distinctive traits. Neighborhoods such as Brookhaven and Decatur are some of the most interesting.

Georgia truly has it all, and you might just find that you never want to go home again.

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