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You’ve seen the series — what would it be like to actually wager on it?

Netflix is one of the biggest companies in the world and it is largely down to them when the world wants to watch some of their favorite TV shows and films.

Of course, they arguably transformed the entire industry via the introduction of their streaming platform, with competitors popping up more and more often these days. Indeed, when the latest figures suggest that there are 209.18 million paying subscribers signed up to the service — with perhaps millions more who use someone else’s account — then the argument is pretty one-sided.

The streaming giant has managed to produce a number of their own great shows over the years exclusively made for their platform, with some going on to achieve critical fame. The “Narcos” franchise is perhaps one of the biggest examples as the hit series has been turned into one of the latest casino games that are available to play at a number of top casino operators.

However, would this work for all of the other great shows that Netflix has managed to produce throughout the years?

Precedent Exists

As mentioned, there have already been examples of hit TV franchise series getting the opportunity to thrive in the slot game world and it would seem that some of them have been able to be rather successful.

It is not just shows that have been produced by Netflix that have received the same treatment, though, with a number of different blockbuster movies becoming available to slot game enthusiasts in the past. One example is “The Terminator,” which has enjoyed success among Microgaming enthusiasts, while the “Tomb Raider” series is another popular slot that has appealed to audiences.

Fan Appeal Will Only Help the Game Thrive

Of course, fan appeal will carry a lot of weight when it comes down to bringing a new product to the market, regardless of the business, and the online gambling industry is certainly no different from any other in this regard.

Developers will want to ensure that they spend valuable time and resources on providing a game that they know will attract a number of players and prove to be a hit over time, which is why so many have already decided to take inspiration from — or acquire the license to – certain brands that they can bring to the market.

With popular TV shows on Netflix likely to have had millions and millions of people watching them, it would be a huge mistake not to capitalize on the buzz that has been generated.

What Popular Netflix Shows Could Be Turned Into Slot Games?

There are a number of popular TV shows available on the streaming giant’s platform at the moment, with many of them continuing to spark conversations long after the latest (or final) season has aired.—

Most recently, series such as “Squid Game,” “The Queen’s Gambit” and “The Crown” have become well-regarded by audiences and they have such a strong, widespread appeal, online casino game developers would be wise to try and turn these into slots if they can.

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