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10 TikTok Trends That Will Make Your Quarantine Less Boring

The coronavirus lockdown has resulted in a burst of creativity on the social media app. 

April 8, 2020
7 mins read

The coronavirus has drastically changed the lives of college students. Within a few weeks colleges around the nation have shut down and transitioned to online classes, forcing students to move back home. Since then, there have been multiple new trends created to help pass the time while everyone is under quarantine. Here are 10 trends that have taken over TikTok.

1. TikTok Coffee

Since the start of quarantine, whipped coffee has been taking over TikTok. What started off as a simple tutorial became a trend that millions of users joined in on. The trend is easy to do; first you have to whisk together instant coffee, sugar and hot water until the consistency becomes fluffy and light. After this you just serve it over milk. While it might not seem like it makes a difference, this coffee is surprisingly good.

@arianalee99Whipped coffee tutorial ☕️✨♬ original sound – arianalee99

2. Group Chat Challenge

The Group Chat Challenge is a little bit more complicated and takes a lot more planning than some of the other trends on this list. The basic idea of this challenge is to start a sequence in a group chat via 4-second video clips. For example, if the sequence starts with someone spilling water, the next video would be of water falling on a different person making them drop something. Then whatever they dropped would fall into the next video. The goal is to make this as seamless as possible, which is why it takes so long to do. While it is time-consuming, these TikToks are by far one of the most interesting and entertaining videos to watch.

@dreaknowsbestDo you have a groupchat?! Send this to them! This took forever, Don’t let this flop! ? ##textmessage ##tiktokgroupchat♬ ROXANNE – Arizona Zervas

3. Spongebob Text Challenge

This trend is relatively new but has still taken the app by storm. To participate in this trend all you have to do is screen record yourself texting your friends a few lines from a Spongebob clip. The clip is one of the iconic moments where Spongebob annoys Squidward while they’re both off work. The reactions people have gotten to this challenge so far are hilarious.


##greenscreen he do be dry tho

♬ original sound – ratchetrach272

4. Dances

TikTok is known for its dances. There have been many viral dance routines from the app that have made their way onto other social media platforms. The two most popular dances right now are the Savage dance and the Distancing dance all started by Charli D’Amelio. The Savage dance is done to the song “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion. It’s is a little complicated to learn but it isn’t too bad compared to the other viral dances on TikTok.

The Distancing dance was started to promote social distancing and encourage people to stay in to stop the spread of the coronavirus. D’Amelio partnered with Proctor & Gamble for this dance, who pledged donations to Feeding America and Matthew 25 for the first 3 million videos posted using the hashtag #distancedance. The trend started seven days ago and already has over 56,4000 videos posted.


Stay home & do the ##distancedance. Tag me & the hashtag in your video. P&G will donate to Feeding America & Matthew 25 for first 3M videos ##PGPartner

♬ Big Up’s (feat. Yung Nnelg) – Jordyn, Nic Da Kid

5. Online Classes

Since most of the colleges around the nation are transitioning to online classes, memes about remote learning have gone viral — especially on TikTok. This trend is lighthearted and showcases all the funny events that have happened since universities made the transition. These include parents being too loud in the background, siblings annoying each other in the middle of lectures or just professors and classmates goofing off during class. The transition from being on campus to online classes has been a struggle for many college students so this trend helps them know that everyone is in the same boat.

@ryandreecethe life of a film major ? ##quarantine ##coronavirus ##foryou ##zoom♬ original sound – ryandreece

6. Put A Finger Down

Put A Finger Down is similar to the game Never Have I Ever. People start off with 10 fingers up and put a finger down every time they hear something that they’ve done. For example, if the audio they picked for the challenge said “put a finger down if you’ve broken a bone” then everyone who has broken a bone would put a finger down. The objective is the same as Never Have I Ever, but what makes this trend stand out is the different editions people have made and how accurate they really are. My personal favorites are the “Rich Girl Edition” and “Everything Edition.”

@mattoliver22put a finger down “Everything” addition ##foryou ##xyzbca ##foryoupage ##dontletthisflop ##share ##audio ##usethissound ##tiktoktraditions ##putafingerdown♬ original sound – mattoliver22

7. If I Had a Nickel

The “If I Had a Nickel” trend is a spin on the phrase “If I had a nickel for every time [blank] happened I would be rich.” However, instead of implying that an event has happened more than once, this trend is about showcasing odd one-time occurrences that have happened to people. This trend is the easiest to recreate from this list because all you have to do is type out an event that’s extremely crazy or out of the ordinary.

@cassandran02Spot the glow up ##greenscreen ##madisonbeer ##fyp ##xyzbca ##florida ##la ##foryou♬ One Nickle – thrashgodsam

8. Bored in the House

“Bored in the House” was originally an audio clip that an influencer recorded simply because he was bored. This clip blew up and caught the attention of rapper Tyga who collaborated with the original artist, Curtis Roach. Since then, the song has been turned into a trend where people use the audio clip to show how bored they really are during quarantine.

@lukemabbottBored in the house, I’m in the house bored ##boredinthehouse ##boohoo full outfit – @boohooman♬ BORED IN THE HOUSE – Curtis Roach

9. Side Hustle

The side hustle trend is mainly meant for small business owners to showcase their work. Small businesses have been struggling during this tough time so this trend is to show appreciation. While you do need some sort of side hustle to participate in this trend, the TikToks under the hashtag #sidehustle are still interesting to watch. They really show what goes on behind the scenes of a small business and just how dedicated these owners are.

@briethomasonI started my coffee company at 20 years old. Here’s my journey. Want to know more? Follow my YouTube @ Thefuntrepreneurs.♬ Hey Look Ma, I Made It – Panic! At The Disco

10. Addicted to TikTok

Lastly, the Addicted to TikTok trend is a challenge where people try to see just how addicted to TikTok they really are. The trend is simple: You listen to 10 audio clips from popular TikTok background noises and see if you can recognize them. The closer to 10 you are the more addicted to TikTok you really are.

@meganrose.eeI guess you can say I’m addicted to tiktok ? ##tiktok♬ march tiktok – rreganmarie

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