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Passenger Shaming is one of the more common people-watching Instagrams that focuses on weird things people do on airplanes. (Image via The New York Post
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people-watching instagram
Passenger Shaming is one of the more common people-watching Instagrams that focuses on weird things people do on airplanes. (Image via The New York Post

Public places are full of the weirdest people.

The busiest places in the world are sometimes the best places to find the craziest people. If you’re shopping in the mall, getting ready to catch a flight at the airport or just walking on the street, you can be sure to find something out of the ordinary that you wish people would notice.

Low and behold, people-watching Instagram accounts have accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers to look at pictures of regular people in public areas with a little bit of a twist. People either look completely out of the ordinary as others sneak a picture or video or look caught at the right moment with someone else’s camera.

Instead of these Instagram accounts producing their own footage, followers send in funny, unusual pictures or videos hidden from the public eye. These seemingly regular people get their 15 minutes of Instagram fame and a good laugh out of everyone else that sees the post.

Thanks to those with a good eye, here are the best people-watching Instagram accounts that will make you LOL.

1. Miserable Men

One of the best people-watching Instagram accounts is @miserable_men, which posts pictures of men in shopping malls having the worst time of their life. Husbands, boyfriends and loved ones await their female counterparts finishing up at the store that they’re at, so there’s no better time than to sneak in a nap for the day.

These men look like they’ve been at the mall for 15 hours, and even though their agonizing pain is imminent, it is downright funny. They are often sleeping, texting or staring off into another dimension. I applaud the miserable men for enduring hours of moving from store to store in the hopes of buying two t-shirts without complaining at all.

2. Passenger Shaming

The airport is probably the greatest place for people watching, and @passengershaming proves just that. This account posts the craziest head-turning pictures of passengers on planes or in airports. Some pictures will put you in shock before you start to laugh at how odd people are at the airport.

Because of the extremely cramped spaces on commercial flights, passengers’ feet positions are a popular trend where some people will rest their feet above the head seat in front of them or stick their feet between the seats. Passengers seem to have no shame when sleeping with their legs across the row to be comfortable on their flight, but they are shamed by the Instagram world when a picture of them is posted online.

3. Celebrities Eating Things

The most underrated people-watching Instagram account, @celebritieseatingthings, features celebrities eating some really delicious food. The pictures are taken mid-bite and have produced the funniest celebrity facial expressions that no paparazzi photo can beat.

The best part about the account is its captions for each photo, which include some great commentary and rate the celebrity’s bite on a scale of 1 to 10. Captions generally talk about the angle at which the food enters the mouth, how wide the mouth is opened and other small details that celebrities lose points on.

4. People of Penn Station

Just like airports, the train station sees many different people come and go, where a few stand out a little bit more than everybody else. New York City’s Penn Station is the place for odd encounters with commuters. People are sleeping, drinking and getting creative with the 30-minute commute that can feel like hours on end.

Whether someone is trying to jump the track, drinking from a funnel or getting in a quick workout, @peopleofpennstation makes sure that your everyday commute to the city is much more entertaining, so hopefully you only see the crazies online and not in real life.

5. Kanye Doing Things

Exactly as the Instagram account says, @kanyedoingthings is a compilation of paparazzi and grainy iPhone pictures of Kanye West doing various things. Each picture comes with a meticulously thought out caption such as “Kanye eating some chinese food,” “Kanye getting a shot” and “Kanye being very excited.”

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With over 1 million followers, the appeal of looking at Kanye doing things is pretty remarkable. Because the Instagram posts are so normal, it makes you laugh at how something so simple can attract so much attention.

6. Barstool Sports

The most insane people, by far, are found on @barstoolsports — an entertainment platform for funny, stupid videos. Barstool is the head of multiple podcasts and videocasts, and they’re not afraid of posting any explicit content. In fact, it’s actually encouraged. There are many other Barstool accounts for different universities that feature the crazy people at your school, so that you don’t miss a beat on your local college news.

A large part of what makes Barstool so popular is the vast amount of video submissions that the account receives from everyone looking to make it big on the Instagram. Whatever weird or wacky people that they see, such as a woman with insane road rage or a couple with everything hanging out, will be recorded and sent to Barstool in the hopes that the footage will be posted for the rest of the world to laugh about.

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