Crypto Gaming and Blockchain
Use the power of crypto and blockchain to enhance your gaming experience. (Image via Pixabay)

3 Ways Crypto Gaming Benefits Its Players

The technology is new, so the benefits might not be immediately apparent, but there’s a lot going for it once you look deeper.

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Crypto Gaming and Blockchain

The technology is new, so the benefits might not be immediately apparent, but there’s a lot going for it once you look deeper.

As if the advancements in raw processing power driving astonishing graphics and sound wasn’t enough, along comes crypto games to shake things up further. Two key factors power the gaming world — entertainment and immersion. Both deepen by the day, and a new element has entered the equation that has caused a paradigm shift in both, which is crypto and blockchain technology. This article will look at three of the principal ways that crypto gaming benefits those that play them.

1. Outright Ownership of Items

One innovative feature of the technology is the ability to place any game item on a blockchain. Why is this so cool? It means that player avatars, individual characters, coins, treasure, special items and rare artifacts are unique. They can be traded, bought and sold as if you are receiving a physical item that cannot be replicated. Moreover, with these items on blockchains they can be moved around to players’ wallets to be stored or potentially used again in other games. Achievements and rewards can be saved and last indefinitely. Like items in the physical world, whatever is created, harvested, produced or won in the game world exists on the blockchain in its own unique part of space.

2. Provably Fair Cryptocurrency Gambling

This is a biggie, and something that not many people would have predicted. It is one of those concepts that is so elegantly simple it seems obvious in hindsight. Crypto games enable the creation of provably fair gambling systems. Games on a blockchain make them completely transparent and impossible to tamper with. One, this lets operators who share source code prove that every turn is fair and random. Two, it prevents hackers from getting in and ruining the game for everybody else. Crash games such as were early adopters of this tech and have grown in popularity because of it. No more complaining about rigged cryptocurrency gambling. If in doubt, run the source code and verify the results for yourself — a huge boost for the bitcoin gambling industry and one that has the potential to go more mainstream due to the benefits for gamers.

3. Game to Game Integration

Following on from the points above, if items can be saved virtually forever, then it allows cross-game integration. Usually a game explodes, becomes popular, then fades away and that’s it. Everything associated with the game dies, vanishes and is never seen again. This can be heart-breaking for players who have invested hundreds of hours building characters, amassing fortunes and collecting rare objects. Imagine if those in-game items that took so long to accumulate could be saved and dropped into new games. With blockchain, the possibilities exist. This is massive for those who get attached to avatars. Using current technology, there is no reason why those characters ever need to fade away. Imagine leaping from game to game, from world to world, complete tasks and their rewards. These super-avatars could be upgraded and improved indefinitely.

Wrap Up

Crypto games and blockchain technology can seem overly technical at first. This means that its benefits for gamers are not instantly apparent. However, you can see that built into blockchains very nature are some incredible benefits for a huge range of player types. We are still witnessing the early stages of its development, but crypto games are here to stay. What we have seen is just the tip of what this powerful technology is capable of.

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