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HeyKimAndTyler Improve Their Audience’s Moods Through TikToks

When you’re having a bad day, check out this Irish couple and enjoy some laughs from their prank-based short video content.
October 31, 2021
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Ever want to tune out the sounds of life and tune in to some laughs? I definitely need to do this on a daily basis so I do not overstress myself. With college, kids, life and everything else going on in this crazy world, we all need to chill out for a few minutes a day and regroup. I personally do this by scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. Because of my fiancée, I now frequently watch this couple called HeyKimAndTyler.

This couple has never failed to make me laugh whenever I watch them. They are goofy, fun-loving and free-spirited people who always brighten my day, no matter what I am going through in my daily life. If you need to laugh, smile and enjoy a few minutes of your tough day, make sure to check them out.

There is not much personal information on HeyKimAndTyler out there, but I have learned much about their followings on social media. HeyKimAndTyler have been around for almost 10 years and have since gone viral, with 137,000 followers and 3.1 million likes on TikTok. On TikTok, they share short, funny clips of practical jokes, most of which they play on each other. They’re also @heykimandtyler on Instagram, where they boast 173,000 followers with 287 posts for people to enjoy.

Meanwhile, they also host a podcast called “The S— Show,” which started this September. They’ve also had a Facebook page since Feb. 1, and on their Linktree page, they have merchandise for sale. On the merchandise website, Kim sells a few things that say “HeyKim.” The items for sale include hoodies, coffee mugs, face masks and more. There is not a ton of merchandise on the page right now, but we can only hope that they come out with new items for sale.

When I am having a stressed-out day, overwhelmed by homework, essays, the kids’ schedules and household bills, I step away from my desk, grab my phone and head to my back room — a mini sanctuary for me as I log into my phone and check my Facebook and Instagram. I love when I see that HeyKimAndTyler has posted something new. Even if they have not, I go back to older things I have already watched and rewatch them to get a laugh and remind myself that things will get easier. You always need to smile and laugh in life; it is one of the biggest and most important things you can do. No matter how many times I watch them, they will always brighten my mood.

The mystique behind HeyKimAndTyler does not stop me or my friends from enjoying their jokes and pranks. Wanting to stay hidden today is not a bad thing, but it does make it more difficult to find out more about them. While I have not been able to gather as much information on them as I would like, I have found little nuggets. What I do know is that HeyKimAndTyler are entertainment content creators and influencers. While we do not know if they have a background in technology or media, we do know that they love playing practical jokes on one another and enjoying each other’s company.

Kim is quoted on one of her pages saying, “Laughter is the goal in everything we do and at the end of the day if we can brighten one person’s day up, we feel that we have done our job.” I could not agree more with her on this statement. They use each of their social media platforms to show people the pranks they play on one another and depict the fun and happy sides of family life. They are very relatable, and their following just keeps getting bigger; on Jan. 30, HeyKimAndTyler started a strength challenge, which has since been featured all over TikTok.

Kim and Tyler Greene have been married for six years, but they’ve been together for over 11 years. Together, they have four children, the youngest being only two years old. They live in the lovely Wexford, Ireland, and have that sexy Irish accent. They are high school sweethearts but started going out when they were 21. Now, in their 30s, they seem to still be going strong thanks to their laughing, jokes and pranks.

Kim reacts to Tyler’s jokes with a punchline that is funnier than the joke each time. Kim is known for her witty, sarcastic comebacks to Tyler’s jokes. Kim says they are both laid back and enjoy fun, but Tyler comes off as more of an optimist and Kim as more of a realist. Kim states, “We are each other’s best friend. We enjoy each other’s company and spending time with our kids.” Kim and Tyler have only been posting videos since October 2020, and they went viral in February.

Unfortunately, on Sept. 28, they had to have their youngest son taken by ambulance to the hospital. On Sept. 30, they posted that he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He is home now, but Kim has taken some time away so that she can research what her son can and cannot eat and drink. Knowing he cannot have cake for his second birthday hit Kim hard. She posted about it and received multiple replies to help her with this struggle.

I am patiently waiting for HeyKimAndTyler to return with new pranks and jokes to make me laugh. While I am waiting, I will loyally go back through all their old posts and rewatch them to unwind and deescalate my stress.

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