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Frightfully Fun Games To Play for Halloween 2021

The holiday for haunting isn't complete without a few good video games.

Looking for a few new games to help create that creepy-crawly Halloween spirit vibe this year, but don’t want to break the bank? There are plenty of games to choose from during Halloween 2021 for gamers of different platforms and tastes.

PlayStation Gamers

PlayStation gamers have it made this Halloween. For October, Sony is having a huge Halloween sale with over 500 games (including extra game content), giving their gamers plenty of frightening choices. Here are a few recommendations to fill the night with spine-tingling terror.

Interested in the newest addition to Capcom’s Resident Evil series? One of the more recent PlayStation games on sale for Halloween is Resident Evil Village. Play again and again as Ethan Winters struggles to rescue his kidnapped daughter in this single-player, FPS (first-person shooter) game that combines survival with horror. Fans of the series will recognize Winters, who made his first appearance in the world of Resident Evil back in 2017 with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Chris Redfield, another memorable character, will return once again as well. Redfield was introduced in the first Resident Evil game back in 1996. Josh Davison from CBR stated that Redfield has appeared in 15 games in the series — more than any other character in the franchise.

But Resident Evil Village isn’t the only title in the series on sale this Halloween. PlayStation added other games in the series to their Halloween sale, including a few of the special editions.

For a more suspenseful and interactive experience, try one of the two games in The Dark Pictures Anthology series developed by Supermassive Games. In either game, you can play either single-player or multiplayer, both in third-person. Users have the option to play as five different characters struggling to work together to survive. Explore a ghost ship in Man of Medan, or get trapped in a ghost town in Little Hope.  In The Dark Pictures Anthology, the choices you make seal your fate.

Stand in the middle of the horror in the immersive experience provided by Doom 3 VR. Initially released in 2004, Doom 3 is an FPS, survival horror game that was remastered in 2012 and then re-released in 2021 for PlayStation VR. Doom 3 is a reboot of the Doom series from id Software. The game takes place in a scientific research facility on Mars in the year 2145. An experiment gone wrong leaves a space marine (the player) to fight for his life and protect Earth from hordes of monstrous, flesh-eating demons.

PC Gamers

Like PlayStation, Steam also boasts a great selection of horror-ific games to choose from. Not only does Steam offer the best variety, but they also feature more unique games that are unavailable on any video game console. Here are a few goodies to consider putting in your bag.

Inscryption is a scary single-player card game developed by Daniel Mullins Games and released just in time for Halloween. Within Leshy’s cabin, the gamer must build a deck by various means (some not so pleasant) while working to discover the secrets hidden within the cabin to survive this life-changing card game.

Wanna go crazy and shoot up a bunch of monsters? Check out Killing Floor 2: Day of the Zed. Go solo or participate in multiplayer mode in this FPS thriller developed by Tripwire Interactive in 2016. Set in continental Europe, the game depicts civilization hanging on by a thread due to a failed experiment by Horzine Biotech. Players can choose between range and melee combat while strolling down the street, mutilating any and all murderous creatures in sight.

Tired of running in terror from all the horrors lurking behind every corner? Become the horror in Dead by Daylight, developed by Behaviour Interactive Inc. and released in 2016. In this multiplayer horror game, choose which sinister creature to play before collecting the horrified survivors to feed to the entity. With a similar game style as Among Us, one player becomes the killer while the other four must fight to stay alive and escape before it’s too late.

For fans of “Stranger Things,” check out the Dead by Daylight – Stranger Things Chapter video game. Released in 2019 and developed by Behaviour Interactive Inc., this add-on includes a new map, killer, two survivors and a couple of cosmetic items. The downloadable content will no longer be available after Nov. 17, but those who purchase it will not lose it. So, be sure to buy before all is lost. Look for other extras available for Dead by Daylight featuring your favorite horror film antagonists.

Not on sale but cheap enough to qualify is Pacify. Developed by Shawn Hitchcock in 2019, Pacify provides the haunted house experience as a single or multiplayer survival horror puzzle game. The game includes three separate missions, and the mission varies depending on what the player chooses. The setting — a house haunted by a girl who switches between helpful and murderous throughout the game — adds to the horror aspect. Figure out how to survive this spirit of split personalities to accomplish your goal and survive.

Xbox Gamers

Not all video game companies are digging All Hallow’s Eve season. Xbox shows no signs of pulling out their magic book of sales this year. Still, they always feature one festive video game on sale that any Tim Burton fan can appreciate.

Lost in Random is a twisted fairytale created by Electronic Arts about a girl named Even and her determination to rescue her sister Odd from the hands of the wicked Queen. Lost in Random is a third-person, single-player action-adventure video game that combines hack ‘n’ slash with a unique tactical card-based system.

From haunted houses, zombies, vampires, terrifying rescue missions to creepy card games, there’s something for all fans of the horror genre to enjoy. So grab a friend (or not), jump into a comfy chair, turn off the lights and prepare yourself for a night of chills, thrills and shrills!

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