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Top 5 ‘Winx Club’ Inspired Theories for ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’

What does the Otherworld have in store for Season 2 of ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ this September?
August 22, 2022
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Warning: This article contains spoilers for “Fate: The Winx Saga” Season 1.

Fate: The Winx Saga” captured an audience with its new magical world, a mystery and lots of action and romance. Season 2 — which will be released Sept. 16 — will hopefully add much more. The show has been reluctant to release too much information, but fans have been making their own theories since Season 1 came out in January 2021.

The live-action show is based on the children’s cartoon “Winx Club,” but distinct changes separate the two series. “Fate: The Winx Saga” targets an older audience with darker plotlines and much more drama. Two main characters in the cartoon, Flora and Tecna, are not found in the new series, and two of the lead characters are white-washed: Musa is Asian in the cartoon, and Terra, Flora’s replacement for the live-action series, is white rather than Latina.

Season 1 ended with shocking twists. Bloom frees Rosalind, who claims that Aster Dell, the town she destroyed, was a town of Blood Witches who kidnapped Bloom as a baby. Rosalind weakens the barrier so the Burned Ones can get in. Bloom recognizes they are after her and defeats them, discovering they were once humans. She finds extreme power inside herself — the Dragon Flame — enough to gain her fairy wings. While she is away, Rosalind kills Farah in secret, becoming the new headmistress, and Bloom confesses her true identity and powers to her adoptive parents. And surprise! Sky’s father, Andreas, was not killed by Saul as he thought, resulting in Saul’s arrest for attempted murder, and Andreas had secretly raised Beatrix. The show also makes it clear that Alfea under Rosalind will become a more militaristic school.

“Fate: The Winx Saga” has released little information regarding the upcoming season, but some important changes are of note. Three new characters were announced: Brandon Grace as Grey, Éanna Hardwicke as Sebastian and Paulina Chávez as Flora, who was an original character in the cartoon. New villains and monsters will appear, such as the Blood Witches and the Scrapers, who were mentioned in the release date announcement video. Since not much else is known about the season, fans have developed interesting theories, many based on their knowledge of the original cartoon.

Theory 1: Farah is still alive — in the form of flowers

In “Winx Club,” the headmistress of Alfea is Faragonda, a name resembling Farah’s in “Fate: The Winx Saga.” At one point in the cartoon, Faragonda is transformed into a tree, and the girls transform her back. After Farah dies, flowers grow around the area where her body is buried.

But what if Farah never actually died? Before Rosalind supposedly kills her, Farah’s eyes light up, so Farah may have cast a successful protection spell to keep her safe from Rosalind. Some think Farah uses her mind fairy powers to cast an illusion of her death. Farah could have protected herself by projecting her consciousness into the flowers that spread over the ground.

However clever the theory is, Farah’s eyes lighting up could simply be an effect of Rosalind using magic on her. Viewers saw Dane’s and Riven’s eyes flare in a magical way when Rosalind’s eyes were also lit up, and Dane and Riven have no magic of their own that could cause it.

Theory 2: The voice that calls to Bloom is her sister Daphne’s

When Bloom meets Rosalind, the show implies that the voice she has been hearing was Rosalind all along, calling Bloom to find her. However, Rosalind’s whispers to Bloom in that moment sound different to the voice heard in the earlier episodes. The voice sounds more melodic and differs in tone from Rosalind.

The cartoon’s Bloom also hears a voice, which comes from a figure named Daphne. Daphne is both a sister and a spirit guardian for Bloom, protecting and warning her of danger. Her whispers also request Bloom to come find her.

Both shows feature voices asking Bloom to find them, so could the voices in “Fate: The Winx Saga” be from the same figure? If Daphne does not make her debut in Season 2, will someone else reveal themselves to be behind the voice Bloom hears?

Theory 3: Beatrix is a blood witch and will meet her witch sisters

Beatrix’s name is a clear nod to the Trix of “Winx Club” — witch sisters and enemies of the Winx girls. Her powers mirror Stormy’s as they both control lightning, and Beatrix is certainly as conniving as the sisters.

Rosalind rescued Beatrix from Aster Dell, meaning she was either kidnapped by the Blood Witches or is a witch herself. The witches kidnapped Bloom for her ancient power of the Dragon Flame, and Rosalind placed her in the human world. However, the show did not reveal Beatrix to have any ancient power, and Rosalind kept her under the eye of Andreas.

Did Rosalind have her follower keep a close eye on Beatrix due to her already warped nature? Did Rosalind intend to raise a Blood Witch to follow her because of the power the Blood Witch could offer her? Given Rosalind’s manipulative nature, she seems likely to act in such a way.

Blood Witches gain their power from sacrifice and death, so Beatrix must be killing to maintain her powers. The audience only sees her kill one person in Season 1 — Callum. However, “Fate: The Winx Saga” revealed that there is a town near Alfea, which new character Sebastian lives in. Could Beatrix be sneaking off to kill the locals? It is possible that they overlooked it, seeing as Alfea was so caught up in dealing with the Burned Ones.

Given that Blood Witches are supposed to appear during this season, Beatrix could potentially meet two witch sisters to form the Trix.

Theory 4: Aisha is the princess of the realm Andros

In “Winx Club,” Aisha was the crown princess of the planet Andros — knowledge excluded from Season 1 of “Fate: The Winx Saga.” Out of the seven realms of the Otherworld, only three were named — Solaria, Eraklyon and Linphea — so it is possible that Andros is another of the realms.

The show left little growth for Aisha, making her the antagonist at times, such as when she snitches on Bloom to Farah. Her storyline about her struggles with magic ended before it began; she was the most minor character of the lead cast, but providing her with royal status would allow more room for growth.

Stella throws a line at Aisha in Season 1 when Bloom loses her ring, a crown jewel of Solaria. She tells Bloom to ask Aisha “how much of a screwup that is.” Did Aisha lose an important jewel from her family’s collection? Stella also seems to have animosity toward Aisha from the start, so they might have had a troubling past as competing royals.

Queen Luna also acknowledges Aisha by name, but it is highly unlikely that a queen knows the name of any random student whom she might encounter. Perhaps Luna has met her before because of her princess status.

Theory 5: Riven and Musa will get together

Riven and Musa in “Winx Club” date throughout the series but originally have a complicated and conflict-ridden relationship. Riven and Musa of “Fate: The Winx Saga” also seem to dislike one another.

In Episode 5 of Season 1, Riven and Musa meet when Riven is training. He mocks her for being unable to fight because of her mind fairy status, and she uses her magic on him to discover his hatred of the school. This sole moment between the two suggests that the relationship from the cartoon could be mirrored in “Fate: The Winx Saga.”

The release date announcement video showed a scene of Riven and Musa fighting, hinting that Riven may mentor Musa in fighting. Riven and Musa could potentially develop a strong relationship, and fans of the original cartoon would support it.

Fans have developed many more theories surrounding the series, but these five — based in the original cartoon — appear to have a great deal of merit behind them. Hopefully, fans will watch at least some of their theories come to pass in September.

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