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Take a look at a few of these films to learn more about the world around you.

As technology continues to develop, more and more tools and resources for scientific research become available. Research can be done now easier than a few decades ago. You can get an insight into how animals behave, how trees communicate or how humanity could adapt to life on Mars.

There are many different fields covered by scientific research. Documentaries are also a nice way of learning and expanding your knowledge. So, for college grading papers, any student can use a documentary as their basis of research. But which are the documentaries you should consider?

Heart of Oak

“Heart of Oak” is a fantastic documentary that will surely be the basis of scientific research. It has captured some of the most amazing scenes that happen around an oak over 200 years old. It gives you an insight into the amazing insects, animals, fungi and plants that live there. It shows the role of every species in this ecosystem and the importance of protecting them all.

A lot of essays explore this idea and you can start your research paper with this documentary. You can buy college research paper, as the company’s writers have experience in writing on topics such as climate change, nature, animals, ecosystems, and much more. “Heart of Oak,” a documentary produced in France, tells the story of a small patch of nature that never fails to amaze you.

My Octopus Teacher

This documentary is available on Netflix and you should not miss it. It will provide a basis of scientific research as it portrays the sweet relationship that forms between two different species. A documentary maker dived near South Africa, and it is there that everything began. He followed the movements of an octopus he encountered day by day and over time, she started responding.

A beautiful friendship and relationship between two intelligent species unfold — which makes you think about the common misconception that animals are not smart or do not feel emotions. It is definitely a documentary that must be the basis of scientific research.

Spaceship Earth

Biosphere 2 was an ambitious plan to recreate the Earth’s ecosystems in miniature. A group of people lived inside Biosphere 2 for two years, which was an amazing but crazy plan. However, they argued that they were never a cult.

If we want to move to Mars, we have to make these experiments and see how we can recreate ecosystems that sustain life on other planets. “Spaceship Earth” is a great documentary that shows an insight into how this idea could work. This is a documentary you should not miss and that should be the basis of scientific research.

The Social Dilemma

Scientific research can be conducted not only in the natural world but online too. The internet and technology have created a new environment where people exist. But “The Social Dilemma” tells a real story and it offers an insight into how social media platforms work and how they can change behaviors and beliefs.

This is the story of a person who sees only political videos and posts on social media. Over time, his beliefs are shaped by what he sees online. This reminds us of the famous Cambridge Analytica scandal and its involvement in U.S. elections. And, of course, Facebook is deeply involved in this story.

Final Thoughts

In college, you focus on your chosen major. You study subjects related to it and expand your knowledge in this domain. Experiments are absolutely necessary in this regard because they show an insight into distinct solutions. Part of your grades depend on writing research papers, but there is no reason to worry.

You can get an idea of what to focus on by watching documentaries that explore your chosen field of interest. They can be the basis of scientific research as they come with valuable insights that can inspire you. You can watch nature documentaries, but also others that explore modern problems such as the impact of social media on shaping beliefs and behaviors.

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