Is Boku the Right Payment Method for You?

Discover mobile payment solution Boku. Find out if Boku is a reliable payment method and what Boku can be used to pay for. Determine if Boku is right for you.

December 16, 2020
4 mins read

The modern age has brought forth a huge array of alternatives to traditional payment methods. Some of them are to be expected — such as faster bank transfers. Others are more obscure and have been adopted by a smaller number of tech-savvy people. But one — Boku — offers a unique form of payment by connecting your mobile to your bank account. With scrutiny being placed on mobile-based tech developments, such as the latest on offer from Apple’s iOS, it’s important to look more closely at the payment method. Is Boku the right payment method for you?

What is Boku and What Can I Use It For?

Whether you use Boku or not would depend on what you are needing to use a payment method for. Boku can be used to pay for online casino gameplay, for example. If you read about it here, you’ll discover that Boku casino sites allow players to connect a mobile to the casino platform as a payment method. This bypasses traditional methods, like Visa debit payments. However, not all casino sites are Boku casino sites and some don’t accept Boku. So, it’s useful to check which ones do before playing.

Boku users can charge the cost of digital goods and services to a mobile number, which bypasses traditional banking and provides a new method of payment. It’s quick and simple — according to its supporters. The major pull of Boku is that neither a bank account nor a credit card is required. Boku is predominately used as a payment method for the entertainment industry, especially online casino sites.

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What are the Benefits of Boku?

Easy to Use

Boku also boasts an easy to use interface. By simplifying the process, customers who want to pay quickly without much hassle can be catered to. And we know that convenience is a prime motivator — it explains why Quibi had even a small amount of success. The security in place means that you have to authorize the phone payment — which is done by keying in your mobile number — with your phone. So, those who prioritize security are also satisfied.

Payment Terms

Boku is upfront about payment terms, especially when used as a source of funding or depositing funds elsewhere. Your Boku balance is then paid in full at the end of the month, just like with a credit card.

Are There Drawbacks?


There are some limitations of Boku as a service, which would make it unsuitable for certain users and in certain circumstances. For instance, there are restrictions on where Boku can be used. Not everywhere accepts it and it is even restricted in certain territories and regions. The major drawback for some is the fact that while Boku is simple and quick to deposit funds, there are no real ways to withdraw them again. This might not make a difference for most, but for some this could be a deal-breaker.

Deposit Limits

There are also limits on how much can be deposited. Just like with a credit card or overdraft function, Boku has a maximum amount that can be put into the service to protect the customer and themselves.

Boku is a useful service. It takes the basic essence of making payments and upgrades them for a modern era and with modern functionalities. It is especially fitting with the growth of the mobile payments industry. Paying via your mobile could save time and effort and unlock new avenues of spending. However, Boku payments won’t suit everyone. It’s best to check whether Boku is accepted and whether it really is the best method for your payment needs.

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