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If you write online, you can still get something out of this image-sharing platform.

Instagram is currently the most loved social media platform and there is no debate about that. Also, Gen Z has made it its ideal space for itself, and there is doubt about that either.

Thanks to the immense traffic it has gathered, it offers desirable career choices for many. Various content creators have gathered in the space to make it better.

Many bloggers have joined this app and are trying their best to make their mark. Some of them have already found success but many talented ones have yet to be found.

Making appropriate use of the app is one way to avoid this danger, and you get to trick the algorithm as well.

This article has got you covered with some tips and tricks.  Check them out in detail.

Is Instagram Worth It for Bloggers?

Instagram is a space where visuals make a bigger impact than write-ups. It is more vlogger friendly than blogger friendly.

So, will it actually help a blogger to spend time and effort here? The answer is yes.

Well, there is no denying the fact that Instagram has many users and you cannot find a better way to attract an audience.

Because there are so many users, it will not be as difficult as it sounds to find people who will “tap on the link” to read more.

Best 5 Ways Bloggers Can Leverage Instagram

If you get an opportunity, why not make the most of it? That is the motto here. So, without any further ado, here are five good ways that bloggers can get the most out of Instagram.

  • A good bio
  • Making proper use of the stories
  • Linking website
  • Regularly posting
  • Using hashtags

1. A Good Bio

If you are a blogger on the app, a good bio is a must. There is no other way to do that.

The bio and the profile picture is the first impression that you make on users of the app. Now, for a blogger, the profile picture doesn’t have to be perfect, but the bio needs to be top-notch.

At the end of the day, if you want someone to read what you write, you will have to get them acquainted with your tone.

Whether your particular niche fits their interest depends on the user, but after that, it’s up to you to lure in the reader.

The bio is the best place for that. But that doesn’t mean you have to dump in big words just to make it look fancy. Nobody has the time to refer to the dictionary to understand a bio.

Keep it simple. Keep it authentic. Also, match the tone of your writing style and leave a point that will make visitors curious. That is it.

That is the definition of a good bio.

2. Making Proper Use of the Stories

Once Snapchat was everyone’s favorite. But more and more people stopped using it as soon as Instagram launched the Stories features. Even after many years, this feature remains everyone’s favorite.

Instagram’s development team must be given full credit for the constant updates and engaging ideas they add to the stories. From the addition of songs, to stickers and GIFs, Instagram is leaving no stone unturned to entertain the users.

Want to share some day-to-day sneak peeks with your followers? Then stories are the place for you. After all, you definitely wouldn’t want to cram a bunch of videos in a regular Instagram post.

Bloggers can use this space to give direct access to their blogs with the “swipe up” feature.

However, that is restricted until you get to a certain number of followers. You can also use it to link to the post that provides an update on your blog.

The Instagram algorithm may not put your post in the feed of all your followers, so you can use Instagram stories as another way to notify your audience about any updates. So, essentially, you are getting more views on your stories, and at the same time, more visits to your profile. Way to go Instagram to help fellow bloggers!

In addition to GIFs, there are also animated ones that make Instagram stories look cool.

3. Linking Websites

Now, for a blogger on Instagram, the main idea behind using this app is to take the users to a blog.

Instagram provides that space in the bio. You can use that and make posts regularly to give a small idea of your new blog, keep them hooked and ask them to move to your website.

It sounds like some sort of trick to get people to visit your website, but if you want to leverage Instagram, you do not really have a better way.

Another way to get more traffic to your recent blog is to add the link to a specific blog post instead of a home page.

Now, if you follow this pattern, you have to ensure that you keep the links updated. This is considered more effective and if you want traffic to other blogs, then you can add them to the “related to” section.

This will take users to more of your blogs and if they like them, they will be hooked.

All you can do is write good content and make it easy to reach.

4. Post Regularly

Now, that is the easiest mantra that is repeated again and again. But again, it is not a cakewalk. People often confuse posting content with dumping anything and everything.

But, that is not the case. Now, for influencers and others who mostly post personal content, a selfie can often suffice

However, that is not the case with bloggers. Writing something is not equal to posing for a cup of tea.

You have to make the effort and put everything together so it looks good for the readers. So, regular posting can be tiresome because you cannot lower your standards.

However, you can’t neglect your posting. You have to keep the profile updated with regular posts so that if someone new comes to the page, they will find themselves impressed with what they see.

Also, try to cover various types of content in the niche of your choice. Link the relatable ones together on the website.

Even if you do not gather great engagement initially, if you keep trying to make your mark, you will get through it.

All in all, you should both post regularly and post relevant content, or else it is a completely worthless effort.

5. Using Hashtags

The first thing that comes to mind when posting a story or a post is “Which hashtag should be used?” After all, there is no Instagram without hashtags.

Even with the numerous updates and changes, there is one thing that remains constant for Instagram: the love for hashtags.

Also, there is no way one can make a mark on the app without hashtags.

While one talks about engagement, can help increase it.

People on the app follow the hashtags of their choice so that they get content they like.

So, that is why hashtags play an important role. Using irrelevant hashtags just because it has numbers will not serve you.

Make sure to stick to the tone of both the post and your profile and your effort will pay off.

Sometimes hashtags that work well for you can also serve as a point of focus for new blog posts.

Also, vigorous research on contemporary trends can help out immensely. This search has to be carried out before you make a blog post.

Hashtags, if you observe, work in a very technical way. Follow the path but do not make it look too obvious and you are good to go.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is a very handy and easy-to-use platform if you are in it for fun, but if you are here to make a mark or thinking of it as a career, it can be tiresome.

The algorithm is tricky and if you are a blogger and do not have many visuals to share, it gets tougher by the day.

But the tips and tricks that have been mentioned above can work in favor of bloggers as well.

At the end of the day, it can be hectic and frustrating but when you cross the threshold, everything will start to make sense.

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