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Placing bets seems to be popular in the Land Down Under.

Australians are said to enjoy gambling as much as elephants enjoy marula fruits. For some Aussies, taking a detour to play a pokie machine is a must. Who can blame them? Pokies are exceedingly fun.

According to recent statistics, the average Australian gamer’s annual budget typically includes AU$1,172.14 for gambling. This is significantly more than the Irish’s $600 and the Americans’ $400. Additionally, the pandemic did not seem to slow down this trend. There is no country on the planet that has more pokies machines than the land down under. Pokies machines in Aussie can be found in hotels, registered pokie clubs, and, of course, casinos. You can see why Australia is the self-proclaimed gambling capital of the world.

The rest of the world often expresses concern about Australians’ love for gambling. Do Australians feel the same way? Perhaps a better question is, “What makes Australians tick?” Is their fondness for gambling a natural talent, an environmental influence, or a cosmic effect? Do they see gambling as a way to “get rich quick”? Is it a national addiction? Is punting their physical portrayal of rebellion, or is it just for pure fun?

Enter the Unique World of Australian Gaming Culture

Australians have long enjoyed gambling, long before online gambling entered the scene. In Australia, gambling’s history dates back to the colonial era. People found solace in the adrenaline rush provided by taking risks. Entertainment venues with gambling were far more successful than those without. Given that British imperialism was anything but friendly, they found gambling to be an excellent escape from daily troubles.

Gambling was a great source of joy for Australians under colonial rule, comparable to sports, adventure or comedy shows in other cultures. It entertained them, making it a worthwhile endeavor and an important part of the culture henceforth.

Australians do not like to see a seemingly good tradition die, especially if it is a jovial affair. The gambling culture has been passed down from generation to generation in Australia.

Gambling as a form of entertainment has grown in popularity over time. Australian gamblers have gained access to a wider range of gambling options, allowing them to bet more selectively. Lotto, scratch-it tickets, pokies, sports betting, horse race betting, casino gaming, and online and offline pokies tournaments are popular among today’s Australian punters.

Australians, like Americans’ obsession with the Super Bowl, do not deserve to be judged harshly for their obsession with the pokies machine. Anything that makes people come together for a good laugh is acceptable as long as it is within the bounds of responsible decision making.

For centuries, it appears that Australians have been ahead of the game. Unlike many others, their culture accepts responsible gambling. It is encouraging that tolerance for such gaming activities has spread globally under new regulations and that most countries are adopting the Australian gambling culture for recreational purposes.

A Good Revenue Source for Aussies

The second point of view on Australian gambling proclivity comes from one of the heirs of aggressive marketing. Investors are intrigued by the realization that gambling is an innate impulse among Australians. Gaming operators have set up shop in Australia with the belief that punting is an invincible business, owing to a large number of punters and their massive wagering expenditures.

Gambling-related businesses continue to grow in Australia. Furthermore, clever marketing techniques keep many Australians coming back to play again. Gambling information and platforms are available to people as young as teenagers.

Because of the favorable regulations, gambling-related businesses continue to grow and employ smart marketing tactics. Except for Western Australia, all other states have hotel pokies machines. The only other state with relatively strict regulations is South Wales. It limits the number of pokies machines to 99,000, which is already a significant number.

Because of the industry’s ability to generate massive revenue, Australia maintains relaxed gambling laws. The Australian government benefits handsomely from gambling taxation, which incentivizes its support for the industry. For example, in the 2018-2019 fiscal year, the government collected AU$6.6 billion in taxes across all gambling sectors. It is reasonable to expect the industry to continue to operate with few restrictions in the near future.

Gambling tendencies among Australians are catalyzed by the widespread availability of gambling avenues and heavy promotion. The fact that New South Wales has more pokies than koalas in Australia explains the country’s high demand for gambling.

Final Thoughts

Australians’ love of gambling is a long-standing predisposition that has been exacerbated by heavy marketing and government support for the gambling industry. The preference is unlikely to fade among Australians in the near future. As a result, the world can expect higher gambling rates among Australians as entrepreneurs sweeten the deals and marketers fine-tune their persuasion skills. The good news is that Australia’s gambling regulatory bodies are also proactive in protecting punters and ensuring that the population is not exploited by unscrupulous operators.

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