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What Differentiates Betway From Other Betting Platforms in Bulgaria?

What makes them so special?
May 2, 2022
6 mins read

People who are interested in online betting but don’t have the needed experience often think that it doesn’t matter which gambling site they use. These bettors assume that all gambling companies offer the same things, and it all comes down to personal preferences. Although this is largely true, there are some notable differences, because brands like Betway are much better than most other gambling companies.

Speaking of which, some sites reveal that a certain Betway link could help you if you are from Bulgaria because it will allow you to access one of the newest operators. Thanks to this link, you can sign up and start using this fantastic company’s services.

Betway and other gambling sites in Bulgaria have a lot of things in common — there is no arguing that. The bookie has similar sections to those accessible by other operators. The same applies to promotions and a couple of other things. Yet, this doesn’t mean there aren’t some major differences. Let’s look at them in this review and learn more about what they offer.

The Apps

There are a couple of notable things available at Betway Bulgaria that can’t be accessed on many other gambling sites. Perhaps the most prominent one is the applications for the most popular operating systems in the world — Android and iOS.

People from all over the world do not have enough time to bet on their computers. However, since almost everyone has a smartphone, accessing a given gambling site takes a couple of seconds. That’s why most industry-leading betting sites invest a lot of time and money into providing their clients with top-rated mobile betting platforms.

Despite the hype around mobile betting, Bulgarians know that many of the companies in the country do not provide high-quality mobile services. In fact, most brands haven’t even developed an app, which means that the only way to access their sites on the go is via the mobile site.

Betway’s customers in Bulgaria also have access to a mobile site, but they can also get the app for Android and iOS. Apple users have to go to the App Store, whereas those who prefer Android need to get an APK file.

The Sponsorships

The special mobile betting apps for Betway are impressive, but people who use international gambling sites won’t find them that interesting. That’s why the detailed Betway review includes some information about this site’s sponsorship deals.

Speaking of sponsors, every online gamer interested in esports knows that Betway is one of the key players in this industry. Apart from the stand-alone section that is significantly better than the esports options found on other sites, Betway also sponsors some of the best esports teams. The first name that comes to mind is NiP, the legendary CS team that was created more than 22 years ago. Although this organization is notorious among CS:GO fans, it has teams associated with a couple of other titles. This includes Dota 2, Rainbow Six: Siege, Valorant, FIFA, and more.

Another professional esports organization sponsored by Betway is MiBR. It may not be as popular as NiP in some parts of the world, but MiBR is one of South America’s top-rated organizations that focuses on CS:GO and Rainbow Six: Siege.

Of course, Betway’s sponsorships deals expand into loads of other sports besides esports. The brand helps different football clubs around the world, such as VfB Stuttgart, Werden Bremen, Leicester, West Ham United, and more.

The Bookie Offers a Contact Form

Most online betting operators in Bulgaria offer a couple of chat options that allow people to ask different questions. Aside from the live chat, most companies (including Betway) also have a dedicated email address.

With that being said, this operator has another trick up its sleeve — a separate contact form. This means that bettors can ask Betway’s customer support department for help using the site’s built-in form.

People who want to use it will have to enter their phone number and email and choose why they contact the bookie. After that, they will have to write a short message explaining what’s the problem and what they expect to happen following the email.

Another important thing related to the contact options is that they are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This makes Betway’s support department more advanced than many of its counterparts.

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