More than 150 millions Americans play video games, and 65 percent of them have gambled at least once. (Image via Pixabay)

Why Video Games Are the Future of the Gambling Industry

By combining the thrill of sports-betting with the accessibility of gaming, the industry has created a product with massive appeal.

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By combining the thrill of sports-betting with the accessibility of gaming, the industry has created a product with massive appeal.

The U.K. is well-known for its acceptance of horse racing, and the sport is, in fact, one of the 10 most popular pastimes in the country. The Cheltenham festival, in particular, is very popular and was watched last year by more than 260,000 people, a new record.

The event is also, unsurprisingly, a locus of sponsorships, gambling, prize purses and speculation, and last year more than $60 million changed hands during the four-day event. Indeed, if you had followed Olbg’s advice on the best in U.K. horse-racing tips to follow, you probably would have made a lot of money.

While horse racing is popular in the U.K., esports is gaining ground in the U.S., where more than 150 million people play video games. Of that number, more than 65 percent of them are either regular gamblers or have bet at one time or another.

As you might expect, then, it is little surprise that the esports betting, casino and sports-betting industries are some of the fastest-growing markets in not just America, but worldwide. In fact, recent research shows that the online casino industry is set to hit the $9.4 billion mark by 2024.

Either way, whether you’re new to the world of esports betting or a seasoned pro, the aim of this article is to teach you the basics of the game, the markets to choose and everything else you should consider before putting your money on betting on esports.

What Are Esports?

Esports, or electronic sports, are another form of competitive video-gaming. Some gamers play esports just for fun, while others play with the aim of making money through betting.

Types of Esports Games

There are various types of esports games, some of which are “Street Fighter,” “PES,” “NBA 2K,” “StarCraft,” “FIFA” and “Warcraft.”

In esports you can either play against people from across the world or with friends in your local area network (LAN). In addition to those options, there are also tournaments that present punters the chance to make money, such as the “LoL” World Championship and The International.

Although there is money to be made in esports, professionals often advise would-be punters who have no experience to tread with caution.

You should do a bit of research to know how to pick the best bookmakers, which game or games to bet on, how much to start with and what bonuses and offers are available to you, among other considerations.

Also, as a new player, you have to have it at the back of your mind that, as is the case with everything in life, esports betting has it ups and downs. This means you can’t expect to win all your bets, which is why we encourage new players to sign up with as many bookmakers who offer free bets as possible.

With free bets, you can practice without having to use your real money.

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