The Latest TikTok Trend Is Exposing Celebrities and Their Bad Behavior

Service industry workers on the video-sharing platforms are letting users know which stars are kind and which ones are entitled.
September 6, 2020
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Whether you check your favorite influencer’s social media twice a day or thumb through the People magazine in the checkout line to find the enticing front-page story, everyone is guilty of consuming the latest celebrity drama. News stories about celebrities are plastered across nearly every form of media. It is easy to forget that A-list musicians and actors are regular people underneath their fame and fortune. Thanks to the latest TikTok fad, users are taking to the app to expose celebrities and rate their experiences with them. Because of this trend, fans can gain a better understanding of whether their favorite celebrities are divas or decent human beings.

While the origin of the trend is unclear, one video on TikTok shared by a hostess working at a fancy New York restaurant was one of the first to garner millions of views. In the video, she rates the Hadid sisters, Cameron Dallas, Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner. While her first review of the Hadid sisters was positive, the following celebrities earned poor ratings for being rude to the staff, leaving a shabby tip or coming in after hours. In response to her negative review, Hailey Bieber commented on the video, writing, “Just came across this video, and wanted to say so sorry if I’ve ever given you bad vibes or a bad attitude. That’s not ever my intention!” Mrs. Bieber’s sincere apology was a kind gesture and can serve as a reminder to be mindful of her actions when out in public. Though this was one of the only videos from this trend to receive a response, other users have flocked to the app with similar stories of their own.

This trend has invited restaurant workers, long-time residents of Los Angeles and fans who frequently attend meet-and-greet events to come forward with their experiences. While some celebrities like Shawn Mendes have received mixed reviews, other Hollywood icons have proved the “rich and privileged” stereotype to be true.

According to videos from restaurant staff, not tipping and demanding that places reopen for them is a regular occurrence for many celebrities. One TikTok user reveals that Bhad Bhabie, otherwise known as Danielle Bregoli, frequently pulls the “Do you know who I am?” card to get restaurants and stores to stay open later and provide her with special treatment. This is only one example of the inexcusable behavior some celebrities exhibit. A former flight attendant claimed that Nicki Minaj refused to exit the plane until everyone else had left, going against airline policies and taking entitlement to an extreme. Another TikTok user reports that while serving Rick Ross and his friends, the rapper refused to look her in the eyes or speak with her directly and failed to leave a tip on a $600 tab. Though it is easy for celebrities to let fame get to their heads, it is no excuse for the privileged attitudes some have displayed.


Being rich and famous undoubtedly comes with its own set of struggles, especially for those who grew up in the limelight. A lack of privacy, constantly being bombarded by fans and paparazzi and being unable to attend normal events are just a few of the ways being a celebrity could get tiring. However, just as people expect celebrities to use their platforms to speak out on pressing issues, treating workers and fans with kindness should also be the norm. Whether a celebrity is having a bad day or not, being highly regarded in the public eye comes with a certain responsibility to be humble and polite to those around you.

While the most interesting and popular videos under this trend expose celebrities for rude behavior, some pass the test with flying colors. Celebrities like Dakota Johnson, Robert Pattinson and Bad Bunny are known for their modesty and kind dispositions. Forming accurate opinions of popular celebrities and influencers is crucial for making informed decisions about what movie to watch, what YouTube channel to subscribe to and what album to stream. While it’s nice to think that celebrities are as agreeable as they appear, sometimes the kind-hearted character they play is nothing more than a role in a movie. Thankfully, the latest TikTok trend seems to portray the rich and famous in a more honest way.


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Besides exposing celebrities for their rudeness and entitlement, one user calls out Miley Cyrus for claiming to be vegan, despite ordering a burger and chicken at the restaurant where he works.  When scrolling through the Instagram feeds of pop stars, viewers are often convinced that the person on their screen is the same in real life. This trend encourages individuals to rethink the image they have of their favorite actor or musician.

While watching these videos might seem pointless to those who will never meet any of these people in real life, it is important to know how esteemed celebrities treat the individuals that work for them. It is far too easy to imagine Kylie Jenner, Lizzo and others as flawless human beings; however, celebrities must be held accountable for their actions toward others. Decency and generosity are the very least that their fans should expect from them.

Whether it’s a cheating scandal, a celebrity couple making it “Instagram official” or a story about Taylor Swift’s cat, Hollywood drama is unavoidable. Unfortunately, social media is nothing more than a façade for most stars. After viewing some of the videos under the “exposing celebrities” trend on TikTok, it is evident that celebrities aren’t as sweet as they seem, despite having the platform and money to go above and beyond for others. Moving forward, individuals can hopefully be more critical of the media they consume and reconsider who they decide to fawn over.

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