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Technology at the Service of Online Gaming

Thanks to things like virtual reality, augmented reality and the smartphone, this medium is getting more and more popular.
August 7, 2021
4 mins read

In recent years, technology has been the backbone of the online gaming industry to the extent that most modern games are blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. Today, games have become more than a great source of entertainment, with developers also using them for educational purposes in different fields. That makes online gaming a multibillion-dollar business with over a billion gamers worldwide.

With technological advancements, online gaming has experienced numerous changes. From the era of arcade games to playing casino online, the gaming industry has witnessed advancements beyond imagination, especially after the invention of the internet. These technological services transforming online gaming today include:

Smartphone Technology & Gaming Apps

Smartphones have played a key role in making the online gambling industry what it is today. This handy device can fit easily in your pocket, allowing you to conveniently play online games from anywhere. Smartphone gaming also introduced casual gamers, who could only spare a few minutes to play games.

Today, smartphones and mobile games are pushing the industry further, naturally attracting the widest possible audience. Many developers are making that possible by offering games suited for each individual’s liking, which explains why most game developers track their users’ activities on their mobile applications.

Easier and Safer Payments

Thanks to current technology, players can complete transactions without worrying about their cash or personal information getting lost. Unlike land-based casinos where players are a major target for fraud, digital security techniques guarantee that digital transactions remain safe and secure.

With innovations such as blockchain technology, online transactions are safer and more secure than ever before. That has boosted the customer base in the online gambling industry while guaranteeing your money and information remain safe when withdrawing or depositing your cash. Additionally, digital currencies are becoming more acceptable in the current online gambling industry.

Rise of Hyperreality

Hyperreal experiences, also known as location-based entertainment (LBE), bring together physical reality and virtual reality to offer a life-like gaming experience. For instance, the gamers can gather in a physical space with their accessories and participate in a virtual reality event together.

Unlike virtual reality gaming where everything happens inside the goggles, location-based entertainment incorporates the room’s physical space with the gameplay. The technology allows you to move around the room and feel virtual objects placed there as physical props, giving you a uniquely immersive gaming experience; it’s basically blending augmented reality with virtual reality technologies.

Players as Creators

As developers continue leveraging their players’ data to deliver more immersive games to their customers, future players might be more involved in the creation process. You can expect future players to contribute more to the development of the games, ushering in a new gaming era where developers will outsource content from dedicated fans.

The return of user-friendly voice actors, music composers and map editors will also offer players powerful tools to use in the development process. That will allow players to create their levels in different games and even share them online.

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