New Year's Eve can be alienating to single people, but not if you identify the advantages of being bae-less and lean into them. (Illustration by Sofie Moustahfid, University of Maryland, College Park)

The best-yet-worst time of the year is creeping up on the calendar: New Year’s Eve. A time of year where hope, joy and champagne overcome all other emotions. During the ending of the year, people are more optimistic than ever as a new year approaches. We all know the phrase “new Year, new me,” of course. This tradition, in which people all over the world partake in, brings together loved ones as they jump into the future together.

In a world that views New Year’s Eve as one of the biggest parties/events every year, it can be difficult to keep up with the pressure of being single around this time. The bombardment of questions from friends and family about if you’ll ever get a significant other is a tough obstacle to endure over the holiday season. It doesn’t help knowing one of the notorious traditions that keeps New Year’s Eve thriving is the New Year’s kiss: when couples kiss as the clock hits midnight and the world rolls into a new year.

But there is always a silver lining for being single on New Year’s Eve. As someone with plenty of experience (I don’t know if I should brag on that or not), here is a list of ways to enjoy and make the most at your 2018 New Year’s Eve party.

Reminisce on the Good of 2018

No matter who you are, the year has been quite wild in some shape or form. Definitely some good and some bad. That being said, you have to be grateful to be able to see another new year. Don’t forget about the highs and lows that have helped mold you into who you have become today.

It is always important for your mindset to take a look back at the struggles you have endured personally and how they have changed who you are today. Seeing the personal growth you’ve accomplished in the past year alone can create a strong mindset and will lead to even more growth into 2019.

Try to Create a New Tradition

New traditions are always fun. It doesn’t even have to be new — maybe something old with a twist. An event for people to look forward to that brings everyone together makes the holidays much more bearable if you have your people with you and you’re enjoying one another’s company. These traditions can even become so popular that they get passed on to others.

It doesn’t matter what it is, really, whether it’s games, telling stories or just gathering together, try to get it to stick.

Go All Out

Let the record know: by this, I mean fashion-wise, not drinking. It’s the last party of the year as well as the first party of the new year, so why not go big? This is the time to seize being single and wear whatever you want.

Something that brings compliments or conversations about is a solid bet; plus, you can use that leverage as a way to meet new people. If given a chance, tell some of your wildest stories of the year, play some games and talk about your resolutions. But first:

Work on a Resolution

Nowadays, I feel like when asking for someone’s New Year’s resolution, most of the answers sound the same: workout more, save more money, travel more, etc. As one of the most unpredictable eras ever, it would be interesting if we look to do some more unique resolutions.

Try something like cooking something new every week or try to do something new every week (take a different route to school, go into a new museum or try a different restaurant… something around those lines). Of course, these are just suggestions, but there are things out there that people are unaccustomed to. I think it would be nice to look into that as a New Year’s resolution.

Be the Host(ess)

Hosting is a solid way to keep busy as well as not dwell on the fact that you are single. New Year’s Eve parties tend to have a high number of attendees, and as the host or hostess, you have got to mingle consistently.

Working a room is fun because you are able to talk to everybody as you are making your rounds. Just make sure everything is going right and everyone is content, then you’re good. As an entertainer, you will be busy and having fun at the same time.

Eat and Drink Your Way Into the New Year

Another great thing of New Year’s Eve is that the parties usually have some solid finger foods. Make your way over to the snack bar, get yourself a nice drink and treat yo self (shout out “Parks and Recreation”) after a long 2018.

You deserve a good final meal of the year, don’t be afraid to sit back, relax and chill out as you prepare for 2019.

Make New Friends

As mentioned earlier, New Year’s Eve parties are packed. I guarantee there will be a handful of new faces you have never seen before. That in itself is an opportunity to go out and meet some new, cool people you may have never expected to meet before. Who knows, you could hit it off and become great friends, maybe you’ll be best friends for the night.

Literally every single party has games in some shape or form. Play some beer pong, flip cup, king’s cup or whatever crazy games are out there now. These are times to meet new people, have fun, and create camaraderie with those you usually wouldn’t run into.

Own It

There is an extensive list of both the pros and the cons of being the single pringle in a bag of chips. Though it does stink being one of the few not kissing anyone as the New Year’s ball drops, don’t sweat it. The midnight kissing aspect is really the only struggle of New Year’s, and it is a very short occasion. You are surrounded by loving friends and family. Own it, bask it in and make those memories in itself count.

So even though you may be single and have no one to kiss on New Year’s Eve, the opportunities are lengthy. Don’t sulk and use this time to enjoy the presence of company around you. Get some food in you, get some good times in and just appreciate the atmosphere around you. This is one of the best times of year because everyone is in a great mood. Don’t let it pass and make the most of this New Year’s Eve single.


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